Jewel Caye for sale

  • 2 Acres

  • 4,000,000

  • Private Island, Freehold

  • Sea island

  • Developed

Located in Belize, 6.5 miles east of the shore. 2+ Acres, developed island with 8 buildings, including 2 Master Homes and 2 Duplexes, all surrounded by a coral reef.

Jewel Caye


Time Zone: GMT-6

Current time: 18:31

Tropical climate

About Jewel Caye

Discover Jewel Caye, a private island paradise located 6.5 miles east of Sittee River Bar mouth and Hopkins Village in Belize. Spanning over 2 acres in the Cockney Range Area, this meticulously developed island boasts 8 buildings, including two master homes and two duplexes, surrounded by pristine azure waters.
The master homes, strategically positioned at the North and South of the island, each offer over 2000 square feet of comfortable island-style living. Featuring spacious balconies, lofts, and modern kitchens, they are uniquely decorated to blend elegance with the charm of Caribbean Island Living. The duplexes, measuring over 1120 square feet each with a loft, come equipped with kitchenettes and either one or two full baths.
Elevated 6 feet above grade, all dwellings capture the fresh Caribbean Sea breeze and scenic views. The island presents a co-investment opportunity, with separate freehold Title Deeds for each parcel – one to the north and one to the south. This arrangement allows sharing common areas such as the overwater kitchen, dining, bar, swim deck, and lounging area with an investment partner.
Nestled between the duplexes are three homes used for crew quarters, each with a full bathroom, which can be converted into guest quarters if desired. A 120-foot pier extends over the water, leading to a crowning glory of the island – the main convening area. This space, set over crystal clear waters, hosts the main kitchen, dining room, and bar, accommodating numerous guests with 22 seats inside and 18 seats outside.
Jewel Caye operates on state-of-the-art solar panels for its electrical needs, with an 18KW generator on standby when additional power is required. Water, supplied by Mother Nature and filtered, is stored in 550-gallon cisterns. The landscaping is tastefully done, featuring decorative plants and coconut palms. Multiple decks on the windward and leeward sides provide opportunities for sunbathing, swimming, and enjoying sunrises and sunsets.
Boasting modern amenities like satellite TV and Wi-Fi, Jewel Caye is not just a personal retreat but holds potential for commercial endeavors. Conveniently located with a fuel station less than a 20-minute boat ride away in scenic Sittee River, Jewel Caye stands as a testament to luxury living immersed in nature.
Visit Jewel Caye and turn your dreams into reality. Explore this sparkling gem that seamlessly blends comfort, elegance, and natural beauty.

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