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North America has a lot of islands of different scales. According to Statistics Canada, only Canadian territory includes more than 50,000 islands. Such data ranks the country 4th by the number of islands. More islands are only in Sweden, Norway, and Finland. But unlike Scandinavia, Canada not only has a large number of islands, but also offers many of them for sale. Add to this a stable economic and political situation of Canada and the USA, a good standard of living, relatively low prices for islands and loyal legislation, and you understand why so many people want to buy an island in Canada.

Features of private islands in Canada

You will find a large number of private islands in Canada. Many of them are located in the Strait of Georgia to the west and near Nova Scotia to the east. Canadian lakes are also rich in islands, like Lake Huron, Lake of the Woods, and Lake Ontario. You might find it interesting: Islands in Michigan — a must-see destination A big advantage of the lake islands in Canada is the availability of potable water and convenient communication with cities. So, you can get all the benefits of a private island without giving up city amenities. It should be said that demand for private islands in Canada has increased significantly over the past year. This is most likely due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The ability to work remotely and the need for more space for families prompted Canadians to look for spacious properties outside the city. Well, the islands are perfect for such needs. Read more: Private islands for sale in Canada: The Great White North

Cost of private island

You can find and buy an island in different price categories. In general, the prices vary from USD100,000 to USD8,000,000. However, you may find very cheap offers. You can buy an island in Nova Scotia, Ontario or British Columbia for less than USD100,000. There are also quite a few islands worth up to USD1,000,000 in different parts of Canada. Read also: Islands for Sale in Ontario, Canada

Foreign ownership in North America

USA and Canada have loyal laws governing foreign private property for non-residents. The legislation does not require citizenship to purchase real estate. However, some states and provinces impose larger taxation on non-residents or may impose stricter down payment requirements. British Columbia and Ontario, for example, tax foreign buyers and owners. Quebec is also considering new taxes. In other matters, you will have the same rights to buy the island as citizens. Another important fact is that if you do not have Canadian citizenship, you can live on the island for up to 6 months a year without applying for residency. Accordingly, in order to remove these restrictions, one must apply for immigration.

Ownership of the island and citizenship

In some countries owning real estate can be a reason to get citizenship, or at least be a strong argument for it. However, this does not work in Canada or the USA. Read for more info: Private islands for sale in the USA in 2021 and 2022 The only way to get citizenship is to apply for immigration and go through the process. Owning land does not help or hinder you from obtaining citizenship. Read also: The Cheapest Islands for Sale in 2021

Private islands on Find Islands website

On this page, you can find private Canadian islands and islands in the US from owners and agents. You can compare the characteristics of the islands and write to the authors for details. If you want to put your island for sale, register on the website and fill out the information about the island. You will be able to control islands and leads with a convenient control panel.