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Rent Island for all purposes and time frames on the Find Islands. Since renting islands became possible, the idea of a vacation paradise changed dramatically. A few days on a private island is a great opportunity to spend an unforgettable weekend with your family and enjoy life. Or you can rent an island for a week just for yourself, to completely reboot and go back to your daily routine with renewed vigor.

The demand for island rental is only growing. The most popular decision is a celebration on private islands. It allows creating of a completely magical story and preserving memories for a lifetime.

Rent an island for weddings

How about organizing a wedding celebration on a private island and spending a few days with your dearest people in a luxury vacation complex? If you like that, there are many options for islands for rent in different parts of the world. Indeed, hundreds of private islands are adapted for weddings. You will be offered everything you need:

  • Several villas to accommodate guests;
  • Place for the ceremony;
  • Ceremony with the necessary legal procedure;
  • Excellent service, which will ensure your comfort;
  • Cooking, organizing a banquet;
  • Set of entertainments and additional services with which no guest will get bored.

Prices for private island wedding vary greatly. Weddings for 50 guests can cost as much as USD10,000, USD500,000, or USD5,000,000 depending on your demands. More budget-friendly options are also available if you can take care of the organization yourself. So, you should clearly define exactly what you want and then look for islands for rent that are right for you.

Rent island for honeymoon

The most romantic period for your couple can be spent on an island. This is a completely different story than renting an island for a wedding because a honeymoon is a vacation for two. First of all, figure out what you prefer, exclusive luxury and privacy or an active time with snorkeling, boating, and long walks that immerse you in untouched nature. The options for private islands vary. We work hard to make it easy for you to find a private island vacation for your couple by browsing the island directory.

Rent island for a birthday party

You can choose a small island for birthday or find an offer of private island rental for large groups. It all depends on the number of guests and your wishes. Private island vacation complexes often offer everything you need for a party, from branded invitations to a birthday cake from the chef. You don’t have to be Kim Kardashian to throw a private island party. Your dream can be fulfilled on a smaller budget than the world’s stars can afford.

Private island vacation rentals

More options for islands you can rent exist for those planning a casual vacation for yourself, with a loved one, or a group of friends. The cost of private island vacation rentals can be very different. Just imagine, you can rent an island in Maine for only USD110 per night. Such offers are not isolated. There are also a large number of luxury private island rental with all-inclusive resorts at very different prices. But they are definitely worth it.

Ecology of private islands

The preservation of flora and fauna, and the nature of the island is something that cannot be neglected in the development of the island. In addition, with the destruction of nature, island vacation will lose all meaning. Therefore, the owners of islands usually plan their resorts and cottages to connect them with nature as much as possible and to minimize the negative impact on the environment. For this purpose, the laws of nature preservation are introduced at the stage of resort planning. Common solutions include using natural materials, avoiding plastic, growing local products, and a carbon neutral program. There are also protected areas on island territories for the preservation of many species of animals and plants.

Your trip should not be about interfering with nature, but interacting with it. Rent an island to regain peace of mind and return to harmony with yourself and the world around you.

Private island rental for reboot

Sometimes it’s enough to let yourself think about a private island vacation to realize that it’s not an exorbitant idea at all. Plan a trip for a few days or an entire month, bring your kids, friends, or pets. Sunbathe lazily on a private beach or explore the underwater world by diving. Anything is possible!

Private island rental allows you to stay alone with nature, trace your thoughts, or have an active time. In the end, these activities can be combined. What could be better than evening meditation by the sea and morning boat rides? Travelers also rent an island to devote some time to art or to finish things they’ve been putting off for a long time. And this works.

To make it easy for you to find islands you can rent, we are constantly working on the functionality of our website and this section in particular. Use categories, filters, and sorting to make finding and renting an island easier. Explore the information about the different complexes and single cottages to choose the island that best suits your needs. You can also contact the island owner/representative using the contact form on each island’s page.

We add islands little by little. If you would like to post your island and offer it for rent, register on the website and fill out the owner/agent form. If you have any questions, please contact us.