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Europe has many offers of island real estate. Here you can find a private island for all tastes, from the cold Scandinavian lands to sunny Italy, Greece or Turkey. On this page, you can find islands from owners and agents of private islands in European countries. You can read the details of each offer and write to the owner for details. We will talk more about some of the features of the European islands below.

Peculiarities of the climate of European islands

Most of Europe is located in a temperate climate zone with maritime, moderate continental, and continental climates. The northern lands are located in the Arctic and subtropical belts, and the southern lands lay in the tropical belt. Europe's climate is affected by the Atlantic Ocean with its seas to the west and southwest and the Arctic Ocean to the north. Both fans of the cold and fishing, and the most ardent fans of the sun and heat can buy an island in Europe. Here we should mention the stereotype that only tropical islands are popular. But this is not true. Islands in Europe with their changeable weather and seasonal climate are also in demand among buyers and investors. Reed also:  What Makes Private Islands for Sale in Europe Special

Europe as a cultural and social phenomenon

A multifaceted cultural system developed across Europe. Traditions and values of different peoples crossed over, complemented, and changed, creating a unique cultural environment. Despite many similar accomplishments, each country has its own unique traditions, values, arts, cuisine, and even the pace of daily life. If you don't just want to visit the island from time to time or control it from a distance but to get involved in the life of a new country, you should study the cultural features of the region. You might find interesting: Scandinavian Private Islands: Your Uncompromising Freedom

Legislation governing the foreign ownership

Each country has its own laws governing foreign ownership and island real estate. France, Spain, Italy, and Greece offer the most loyal legislation. Here you can buy an island on a freehold basis and fully own it. However, despite the rather large number of islands in these countries, such offers are very rare in the market. Also, pay attention to the possibility of construction on the island. It is often difficult to get a construction permit, especially if the island is part of a protected area.

Cost of European islands

In general, European islands are quite rare and expensive. According to The Price Of Paradise, Europe is the second most expensive continent to buy a private island. The average cost per acre of an island in Europe exceeds USD68,000. In addition, real estate prices are gradually increasing in all European countries. This trend is expected to continue even after the pandemic is over, although perhaps at a slower rate. And yet the cost of islands in Europe is very different. You can buy an island that will be cheaper than an apartment in a big city in the same country but will offer much greater benefits to its owner. So don't miss the opportunity to find your perfect island for life or business. More about the market read in the post: Islands For Sale in Sweden

The economic stability of Europe

Despite the destructive impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and ethnic conflicts, we can say that for the most part, Europe is now politically and economically stable. The European Union provides great opportunities for investment in real estate. We can also expect an increase in opportunities in countries that have not yet formally joined the EU.

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