Australia & Oceania

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Australia is a state in the southern hemisphere, occupying the continent of the same name, the island of Tasmania, and a large number of islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. This is really wonderful place. The contrasts in Australia are impressive, so this country can be a great vacation option for a huge number of people with a variety of preferences. Some people go there to see the architecture, the Sydney Opera House and Uluru Rock, while others are attracted to wild vacations in the Australian forests. There are also people attracted to the Australian private islands for sale. It is an opportunity to live in the very maelstrom of fantastic nature. You might find it interesting as well: The Cheapest Islands for Sale in 2021

Australian islands

Australia has about 8,222 islands that can be found everywhere, from the Torres Strait to the sub-Antarctic latitudes. Some of them are small rocks, the visibility of which depends on the tides and weather conditions. Others are major recreational areas. For example, you should know about Fraser Island, located off the east coast of the continent across the strait from Hervey Bay. It is considered the largest sand island in the world. Australia has a number of large islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, as well as in the Coral and Timor Seas. There are also islands maximally close to the continent. We should also mention the Great Barrier Reef. It is the world's largest coral reef system, located in the Coral Sea, off the coast of Queensland. The Reef National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Researches confirm that the first reefs in these areas appeared about 18 million years ago. Some reefs became coral islands under the influence of the abrasion-accumulative activity of the sea. Australian islands are fantastic! The unique representatives of fauna and flora – endemics live here; large turtles swim nearby, fearless birds fly between the trees, and all the inhabitants hide from the sun under the palm fronds.

Private islands in Australia

The islands that can be bought on a freehold or leasehold basis sometimes appear on the Australian market.
  • Freehold islands in Australia appear quite rare, but there are such offers. This is definitely the best and most desirable choice for buyers.
  • Leasehold islands for sale are much more popular in Australia. The real estate of this ownership type is leased on a long-term basis for up to 99 years.
Most private islands in Australia are concentrated in two regions, near Queensland and Tasmania. Queensland has about 2,000 islands off its coast. The nature of the state is magnificent. Here you will find many waterfalls, and sandy beaches, and you can also see five World Heritage Sites. In addition, it is the most popular region for buying real estate. Queensland's private islands are mostly located between the mainland and the Great Barrier Reef. Tasmania is another region where you can often find a private island. The state has 334 islands, and 16 of them are private now. However, most of these islands have a conservation covenant associated with their title, restricting construction on the island. The islands in other parts of Australia are sometimes offered for sale.

Foreign Ownership in Australia

The process of buying real estate in Australia is quite simple. However, there are restrictions on real estate that can be purchased by foreigners. The restrictions apply to the type of real estate, land use, etc. In addition, foreigners can buy real estate only after approval of the property by the Foreign Investment Review Board. Private islands in Australia are rare gems. However, if you find the right island for your needs, it can be a great investment and a new page of your life! Learn more about private islands in Australia from our blog post.