South America

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A huge continent – South America, is a wonderful mixture of ancient Indian culture and European traditions. It brings to mind such pleasures as dancing the samba, eating exotic local cuisine, thousands of kilometers of golden beaches. But in many countries you still can face with serious economic, social and political problems. Nevertheless, with careful choice of location, private island in South America will become your safe place to live and a dream will come true. South America includes many islands, most of which belong to countries, but there are also private islands for sale.

Private Islands of South America

Countries of the continent greatly differ in economic and political conditions, and due to a history of high inflation in almost all of them, interest rates remain high and investments low. However, island ownership can be rewarding for its rich cultural heritage and picturesque landscapes. South America islands offer one of the most beautiful island properties in the world. Private islands for sale can be characterized by the following features:
  • affordable cost of real estate purchase; (read about The Cheapest Islands for Sale in 2021 )
  • simple procedure of property purchasing;
  • mild climate;
  • rich culture and traditions;
  • protection of foreign buyers;
  • low cost of living.
There are also significant drawbacks of the real estate market on South America. They are:
  • bureaucracy;
  • corruption;
  • poorly developed ownership right registration system;
  • shadow trade.
These factors inhibit the growth of the real estate market in some countries of South America. But fortunately, elite real estate is well-developed in some regions and you can buy land on profitable terms.

Private islands for sale in Brazil

The largest South American country, which takes almost half of its area is Brazil. It’s also one of the most economically prospective countries, which with its mild climate, landscape diversity and rich culture is a very profitable investment option in the region. You will be offered a lot of islands for sale for affordable prices. Most of them are situated near Rio de Janeiro and in Bahia. Prices start from $500.000 and reach $5000.000 for an isle. The foreigners have a great opportunity to buy a Brazilian island. Its legislation allows owning land on freehold conditions. A shortlist of restrictions based on the country’s national security includes some zones near the coast, the borders and national security zones. Read more: Private islands for sale in Brazil, a Lifelong Holiday

Private islands for sale in Chile

There are at least 5000 rocky islands in Chile, most of which are located in the south of the country. Island maintenance cost can be lower as there is no capital gains tax. As for the rights, foreigners are almost equal to local residents. You can buy a private island for the cost which starts from $400.000 and can reach $4000 000. Buying an island in Chile is a simple process on one hand, but the laws in this country are unclear, especially in rural zones. So you’ll need a good lawyer who will be able to provide you with professional support in all legal matters. Read more: Private islands for sale in Chile

Private islands for sale in Columbia

The government encourages foreign investment, recognizing its value to the country's economy. That`s why the procedure of purchasing the island in Columbia is simplified and the real estate prices are affordable enough. You will find a lot of beautiful islands for rent in this country, but there are not many islands for sale.

Private islands in Argentina

Argentina has an affordable real estate market for foreigners. Here you can buy island as a freehold. Besides, there’s no capital gains tax for non-residents. A house, a farm or even an island can be purchased for US dollars. The cost of construction in Argentina is relatively affordable. However, of course, construction on the island will be much more costly. Read more: Private islands for sale in South America: Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Argentina

Purchase conditions for foreigners

Favorable living conditions and great commercial prospects make South America an attractive place for buyers of real estate. Beautiful landscapes, authentic culture and traditions, and affordable prices are the benefits of purchasing and rent of the islands. However, there are some limitations for foreign buyers. In most South American countries it’s prohibited to purchase land in border areas. And some countries announce bans for real estate ownership for separate nations or for agricultural lands. So, having decided to buy a private island in South America, you should find a competent attorney who will help you with the nuances of land purchasing in these countries. This page lists the private islands of South America from owners and agents. If you want to list your own island, please, fill out the form.