The Cheapest Islands for Sale in 2021

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The Cheapest Islands for Sale in 2021

Buying a private island may seem like a faraway dream that is only available to very rich people. This is partly true. And it’s not just about the cost of private islands, it’s about the cost of island development and maintenance as well. However, in reality, there are islands, the price of which is much lower than the price of a house on the mainland. So you can buy a small and cheap island and invest the rest of the allocated funds in its development. Or maybe you’d prefer to organize an eco-settlement? Everything is possible! In this article, we will talk about the cheapest private islands for sale in the world.

Where Are the Cheapest private Islands for Sale?

According to official ETA information, the cheapest continent to buy an island is South America, where the average price per acre is USD 1,148. However, if you analyze all the islands that are currently up for sale, it becomes clear that the largest number of cheap islands are located in Canada, Central America and the US. Here you can find small lake islands and river islands at an affordable price.

We also offer you to check the price rating of islands on various continents according to ЕТА.

  • Asia – $313,789 per acre
  • Europe – $68,812 per acre
  • North America – $23,524 per acre
  • Oceania – $18,548 per acre
  • Africa – $2,685 per acre
  • South America – $1,148 per acre

According to the table, Asia offers the highest average price of an island, while the islands of South America have the lowest price. Nevertheless, as we have already mentioned, now the cheapest islands on the market are located in Canada, Central America and the US.

Pacific Ocean Coast
Pacific Ocean Coast of British Columbia, BC, Canada

What are the cheapest islands that you can buy?

Of course, tropical islands with well-established communications and luxury villas are skyrocketing and affordable only to wealthy people and corporations. However, there are other more unpretentious, but no less beautiful islands that can become your property right now.

Here is a list of the cheapest islands in the world to buy that are currently up for sale and cost less than USD 100,000.

  • Bone Fish Caye – Belize, Central America – USD 69,500
  • Big Tancook Island – Nova Scotia, Canada – USD 68,100
  • Half Island – Nova Scotia, Canada – USD 79,000
  • Blowfish Island – Panama, Central America – USD 79,000
  • La Cornelia Island – Nicaragua, Central America – USD 90,000
  • Lomsjö Island – Sweden, Europe, Atlantic – EUR 95,000
  • The islands below cost a little more, but their price does not exceed USD 200,000.
  • Ken’s Island – Ontario, Canada – USD 109,600
  • Gillis Island – Prince Edward Island, Canada – USD 110,000
  • No Mans Island – New Jersey, United States – USD 125,000
  • Calf Island – Nova Scotia, Canada – USD 165,000
  • Spuhn Island Lots – Alaska, United States – USD 169,900
  • Salt Cay Parcels – Turks and Caicos, Caribbean – USD 399,000

Although the last island is the most expensive on this list, you should consider its location. This is a great inexpensive island option in the Caribbean. You can find more information about these cheap islands here and here.

What Determines the Island Price?

The price of a private island is formed by a number of factors. They include:

  • the island size;
  • the island location;
  • remoteness of a private island from the mainland;
  • climatic and weather conditions;
  • availability of residential buildings and their condition (or opportunities for construction);
  • availability of communications (light, drinking water, etc.);
  • conditions of access to the island;
  • the development potential of the island, etc.

The recommended island price can be set only based on the combination of all these factors and a number of other characteristics. However, even with this approach, similar islands can have completely different prices.

Before You Buy Cheap Island…

If you managed to find the cheapest private islands for sale that you actually liked, that’s great. However, before making a purchase, do not forget to check all the island characteristics and the living conditions on it. After all, a cheap island can also become a financial pit requiring more and more money to stay in a satisfactory state. On the other hand, an inexpensive lake or river island can be a great compromise for those who want to own a private island and take advantage of civilization.

The cheapest private islands for sale

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