Philippines Private Islands for Sale: Find Your Tropical Heaven – Update 2023

Philippines Private Islands for Sale: Find Your Tropical Heaven – Update 2023

In the updated article, we have updated the list of islands available for purchase and added several new items.

The Philippines are more than 7,000 islands in the Pacific Ocean between the Philippine and South China Seas. These lands attract tourists from around the world with their turquoise waves, white beaches, majestic volcanoes, tropical forests and modern cities. Less than a third of the islands of the archipelago are inhabited and developed. Some have never been trodden by a human foot. And others became private islands for sale in the Philippines. If you dreamed of a lost paradise, you can find it here.

Are there private islands for sale in the Philippines in 2023?

Below we provide information about some of islands for sale in the Philippines.

  • Janoyoy Island – 4 acres – USD 5,600,000
  • Medio Island group – 1105 acres – Price upon request
  • Green Paradise Island – 32 acres – USD 1,500,000
  • Archipelago Resorts – 1 acre – USD 1,450,000
  • Camanga Island – 75 acres – USD 1,250,000
  • Isla Milagrosa – 12 acres – USD 1,000,000
  • Marina Island – 7 acres – USD 1,000,000
  • Guilihan Island – 3 acres – USD 900,000
  • Green Bay Island – 15 acres – USD 800,000
  • Kabo Island – 58 acres – USD 650,000
  • Utopia Island Beach Resort – Province of USD 8,800,000
  • Iris Island Eco Resort – Municipality of Culion, Northern Palawan, Philippines (Darab Island on Google Maps) – 10 Acres – Price upon request
  • Dao Island – Palawan – 118 Acres – Price upon request
  • Island Pair in Dumaran – Dumaran, Palawan, Philippines – 62 Acres – Price upon request
  • Double Island – Isugod, Quezon, Palawan – approx. 20,45 Acres. – USD 2,500,000

Prices and areas of the Philippine private islands are approximate and may differ from the current ones. You`ll find more information here and here.

Private Islands for Sale in the Philippines
Coron island, Philippines

Can a foreigner buy an island in the Philippines?

For those who are interested in private islands for sale in the Philippines, we have both good news and bad news. The bad thing is that, officially, foreigners can not buy land in the Philippines on a freehold basis. But there is also good news. You can become the owner of the island, using loopholes in the law. There are three main solutions for this.

  1. Long-term lease. You can rent an island in the Philippines for up to 50 years and dispose of it at your discretion under the law. At the end of the lease, the island will be returned to the state or to the previous owner. The advantage of this method is its simple implementation, but tenants often do not have enough motivation to improve and develop an island that is officially owned by another owner.
  2. Marriage to residents. You can become the official co-owner of the island (and at the same time the unofficial sole owner) by purchasing it together with a spouse who is a resident of the Philippines. In this case, of course, you need to prepare for the fact that if a problem arises, the legislation will be on the side of the Filipinos.
  3. Registration of a Filipino company. Another way to buy an island in the Philippines for foreigners is to buy land through a company. In this way, the corporation will own the land, and you will own up to 40% of the corporation. With the right organization, you can control the entire company, and therefore the island. Speaking of buying an island in this way, it is important to know, that one person can not register a company here; you will need a Philippine incorporator who will technically own 60% of your company and your island.

By choosing one of the three options listed, on paper, you will not be the official owner of the island, but unofficially you will be able to fully control a private island in the Philippines for investment gain or personal residence on it. That’s why it’s so important to choose partners you really trust.

Also, note that the Philippines has a colonial past, so they are very careful about foreign land ownership.

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Philippines islands
Philippines Private Island

The Philippine island can become yours

The Philippines offer great opportunities for island investors and tropical paradise seekers. And although you can’t buy an island on a freehold basis right away, you still have the opportunity to become the owner of the island with reliable legal support. New private islands for sale regularly appear on the market. So don’t miss the opportunity to realize the cherished Filipino dream. Check, whether we have Philippines private islands for sale Find the islands catalogue by the link.