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Private islands for sale are the main topic of this platform. Find Islands is an independent startup that aims to modernize the private island market and make it more accessible and convenient for both buyers and owners.

We launched this project to bring together all the owners, buyers and tenants, and to create a new handy business space where owners or real estate agents can easily place islands for sale or lease.

Find islands is based on values that make us improve the project every day:

  • Honesty and open communication;
  • Equal rights and opportunities;
  • Data protection.

We hope you enjoyed your experience with Find Islands. We are always open to dialogue. If you have any suggestions or requests, please let us know.


Our Advantages

Have you decided to buy or rent an island? Or, perhaps, you can offer your own island real estate? Our website has been created specifically for you.

Useful information

In our blog, you can find some interesting facts and useful news as well as advice on islands purchase and sale.

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You can quickly find an island for rent or sale using our search, filters and popular tags.

Easy listing management

We have developed a full-fledged CRM system for the intuitive management of your listings and prompt connection with potential buyers.

‘Find Islands’ is an independent directory of private islands around the world. Currently, we are working carefully to create the best conditions for the island sellers, buyers and tenants. Also we are offering you some useful and interesting information about the island market and exotic recreation in our blog.

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Our Blog

Private islands for sale is more achievable dream than it seems

Buying a private island always seemed something cosmic and almost impossible. However, now it is the same real estate as a land plot on the mainland. The island market today covers the whole world and offers a great variety of private islands for sale. The offers include both tropical islands with luxurious beaches and exotic plants, and remote Scandinavian plots with perfect places for fishing.

Certainly, the purchase of a private island requires additional attention. Moreover, this market is still forming and developing. But rest assured, you can buy an island and make your dream a reality. Your dream is more achievable than you think!

Who can buy a private island?

Islands for sale are the most interesting for celebrities. They often become owners of islands in order to develop a business or simply to have a place to hide from the press. Among the world stars who own or once owned a private island are Johnny Depp, Shakira, Pamela Anderson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts, John Lennon, Steven Spielberg, Tyler Perry, Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy, and others.

There are also many businessmen who bought the island to develop the resort complex. For example, actor and businessman Marlon Brando started the development of an eco-resort on Tetiaroa Island. And the Moskito Island Resort belongs to Richard Branson.

Obviously, large islands for sale with luxury all-Inclusive resorts require exorbitant investments. However, the opinion that only a very rich man can own the island is a myth. Some private islands are less expensive than the building in the nearest mainland city. Yes, construction on an island will cost more, but if properly approach the purchase of the island, you can maintain it and provide yourself with great island life.

A prime example is the story of Boris Reininghaus, a carpenter from Germany. In 2009, he bought an island in Canada, paying USD 50,000 for it. He personally performed the construction and numerous works on the island. There is now a house on the land plot. Boris Reininghaus and his family visit here to get away from the noise, go boating, and walk the forest trails.

Islands for purchase become more popular with the start of the pandemic, more people became interested in buying, especially in the USA and Canada. This decision is a great opportunity to protect your family and provide comfort for everyone.

But the island is not just a perfect picture

There is also the other side of the coin. Owning a private island is the dream of many people. However, we should not forget that behind a colourful picture there is always titanic work, a lot of bureaucracy, and financial costs. One should consider many issues on private islands for sale:

  • location of the island and the way to get to it from your permanent residence;
  • ownership title;
  • proximity to necessary institutions, especially medical facilities;
  • construction permits and the feasibility of your plan; zoning of the area;
  • opportunities to monetize the real estate, if planned;
  • local culture, customs, language;
  • climate, flora, and fauna;
  • price of the island, etc.

Before making a decision, it is advisable to compare the largest number of islands that meet your needs. Also, do not neglect the support of competent professionals, like lawyers, real estate agents, and accountants.

Let it be a well-thought-out choice, which will give you great pleasure in the future.

What is the cost of a private island?

Island on sale cost depends on many characteristics: location, transportation, climate, coastal waters, availability of buildings, and communications. Even very similar islands at first glance can very differ in price. In fact, the private islands market is just evolving, and prices of sale objects are not always regulated. As a rule, the owners of the islands offer the price, based on their own reasoning, and sometimes drive up it. And only after a prolonged lack of interest, the price goes down. That is why we offer to contact a real estate agent with experience working with islands. This will allow you not to miscalculate the choice, take into account all the nuances of buying a private island, and agree on a fair islands cost.

And yet at what price to count? If you analyze the modern market, the price range for private islands is very wide, from USD 50,000 to USD 120,000,000. In Canada and Central America, where the island market is particularly developed, you can find islands priced up to USD 300,000 at any time. Real estate in the tropics is much more expensive, although you can find a compromise price off the coast of Central and South America.

Private turnkey islands are of particular value. So, often entrepreneurs purchase an island and provide all the work to set up and run a vacation complex, from the bureaucratic red tape to gathering a team to maintain the complex. You can find such an island and become the co-owner or sole owner of the island with the resort. Naturally, the price of such an offer is corresponding.

About Find Islands project: islands for sale & rent

With the development of the island market, there was a need for online resources that bring together islands you can buy or rent in different parts of our planet. Now there are several major platforms for selling islands and much more for renting islands. However, Find Islands is the first independent platform for the sale and rent of islands around the world. The website will be useful for both owners and buyers of island real estate.

  • For owners of islands, we provide an opportunity to present their real estate profitably and find buyers. We developed a convenient user cabinet so that you can manage your offers, track potential buyers, and communicate with them.
  • For buyers, there is a directory of islands for sale with categories and filters to easily find the island on sale of your dreams. We also constantly update our blog to offer you interesting information.
  • We also develop the functionality for lessors. The Find Islands team is constantly working on new sections to offer you new island renting options and communication with contact persons.

Please note, while providing direct communication between sellers and buyers, we highly recommend using the help of competent lawyers, real estate agents, and accountants to purchase an island!

Find Islands believes in your island dream

Our project exists because of dreamers and innovators. And we hope that through the project, more people will discover the beauty of faraway islands and explore island life.

If you dream of your own private island, we want to help you. If you are selling or leasing an island, we are also here to help. You can also contribute to the platform. If you have ideas for important functionality that could be implemented on the website, email us. We’ll be sure to discuss your suggestions with the team and implement valuable ideas for the comfort of website visitors and users.