Central America

9 Islands
Central America is a land washed by the Caribbean Sea from the east, and by the Pacific Ocean from the west. It’s a region with picturesque landscapes, wonderful climate and authentic culture. Despite the fact that the region has not yet fully recovered from civil wars, criminal clashes and economic problems, it still attracts millions of tourists annually. Here they can find incredible places for hiking, diving, temples Maya, and thousands of hectares of rainforests. Therefore, the number of investors who are ready to buy real estate in Central America is constantly increasing. The local prices are affordable and the potential is quite good.

Countries of Central America

Central American countries are mostly inhabited by indigenous people: Indians, who are the descendants of Maya, the Spanish conquerors and the Africans from the time of slavery. Such a mixture of different cultures and traditions makes the region mystique and full of contrasts. Most of the countries in this part of the world speak Spanish and are descendants of conquerors of America, the Spanish that blended in with local Indians. Only Belize is an English-speaking country. Creole and Indian languages are also spoken in Central America. There are 7 countries which are included in the Central American region:
  • Guatemala;
  • Costa Rica;
  • Belize;
  • El Salvador;
  • Honduras;
  • Nicaragua;
Six of these countries are called Latin American, and Belize was a British colony, which left its tracks in the traditions of the country. You can buy real estate with the same rights that the residents in most countries, but there are some restrictions related to the islands.

Islands for sale in Panama

Panama became one of the most visited tourist places in recent years. They are interested in visiting rainforests, sightseeing the monuments, studying exotic flora and fauna and backpacking in the mountains. The country is located on the isthmus connecting North and South America and includes more than 1,500 islands. Panama is very diverse and fascinating, with its 11 national parks, mountain chains, 5 Indian tribes and hundreds of kilometres of golden beaches. You’ll have a lot to see in Panama! Having the country attracts tourists from all over the world, the government facilitates foreign investments and expands tax-haven opportunities. There’re 2 types of real estate here:
  • the right of ownership which allows you to buy the island and register it to your name (freehold);
  • the right of possession (ROP). You can also buy the island, but it will be officially owned by the government which will pay a tax for you. Most private islands are available in ROP conditions, but there are some freehold islands.
The prices vary from $80,000 per isle to $15,000 000. Read also: Islands for Sale in Panama, the Land of Two Oceans

Islands for sale in Costa Rica

Though Costa Rica is one of the smallest Central American countries, it attracts a lot of tourists annually. And it’s one of the most beautiful ones as well. Mountain chains, waterfalls, rainforests, beaches and national parks are national treasures. You can’t buy islands in the territorial waters of Costa Rica, but you can lease an island for a period of up to 20 years on concession rights. You can extend the lease agreement further. You have to pay the state for using the island. The other important moment is that the first 50 meters of shoreline must be available to the public. There aren’t private beaches. All the regulations are observed strictly and the representatives of local authorities will regularly check compliance with the terms of the agreement. More about Costa Rica's private islands for sale in the blog post.

Private islands for sale in Belize

Divers and snorkels from all over the world are attracted by the reefs of Belize. The country includes almost 450 islands, also called Cayes, which impress with the natural beauty of rainforests and plain terrains, picturesque lake shores and lagoons. Prices for islands in Belize vary a lot. You can buy one for $200,000.  Some islands cost much more. For example, Deer Caye costs $15,000 000, and Water Caye isle – $12,000 000. Learn more about private islands in Belize from the blog post.

Islands for sale in Nicaragua

Fans of eco-tourism visit this country every year. It’s one of the natural wonders of the world, with its lakes, volcanoes and endless beaches. The unstable political and economic situation in the country puts investment prospects in Nicaragua under question. Buying the private island in Nicaragua in 2022 is a risk that can be both a great triumph and a major failure. There are fewer islands for sale than in Panama or Belize. But for a very low price of about $400 000 you can become an owner of an island in the Caribbean sea.  So it can be a profitable purchase that will bring a great income in the future. You should read it as well: Private Islands for sale in Africa, the Cradle of Civilization

Islands for sale in El Salvador

Tourism in El Salvador is poorly developed because the economy and infrastructure recover very slowly after the civil war and a major earthquake at the beginning of the 2000s. You can buy some islands in El Salvador.

Islands in Guatemala

The people of Guatemala strictly preserve their traditions and customs, so if you want to see an authentic Indian way of life, you are welcome. Foreigners are free to buy real estate in this country, but some problems with security still exist in Guatemala.

Islands in Honduras

About a dozen private islands are up for sale in Honduras. There are restrictions for foreign buyers:
  • it’s prohibited to own land within 40 km of international borders and within 40 km of coastline;
  • restrictions also apply to real estate that occupies more than 0,75 acres. Exceptions may be applied to tourist areas, the development of which can bring economic benefits to the country.
Having made a decision to buy a private island in Honduras, take into consideration the unstable safety situation and low economic level in the country. If you want to escape the noisy city, the slow pace in Honduras will be suitable for you. Your beautiful private island can become a new page in your life. So find a good lawyer who will help you to solve all legal issues and make one of the best decisions in your life! Read more about islands for sale in Central America in the article.