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The territory of Asia is located in all geographic belts of the Northern Hemisphere, which led to the extreme diversity of its nature. The snow-capped Himalayas and the humid jungles of Vietnam and Cambodia are located here. The highest peak in the world and the deepest depression of the land can also be found here. Large forests change into large deserts. There are numerous islands in Asia, and many of them are still uninhabited. However, only a small part of the islands are marketed as private property.

Waters of four oceans and many islands

Asia is the only part of the world washed by all four oceans of the globe. The coasts of Asia are very indented and in some places the seas cut deep into the land. Two large peninsulas – Taimyr and Chukotka are located in the north. In the east, the great seas are separated by the Kamchatka and Korea peninsulas and chains of islands. Three large peninsulas – Arabian, Indo-China, and Hindustan are located in the south. They are washed by the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal, the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. A huge archipelago of islands is located in southeast Asia. Some of the largest archipelagos in the world are also located in Asia. Indonesia alone has more than 18,000 islands; the Philippines have 7,000 and the Andaman Islands have 572 islands. All the islands are different from each other, many of them are inhabited, but even more remain unoccupied by people. Asian islands are beautiful. They have gorgeous sandy beaches, incredible underwater views, and great tourist potential. Although foreign buyers may face many obstacles in the purchase, Asian islands are worth fighting for.

Private islands in Indonesia

Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia between the Pacific and Indian Oceans. This island country stretches 1,760 km from north to south and 5,120 km from east to west. The number of islands in the archipelago reaches 18,000. The largest islands are Sulawesi, Borneo, Java, New Guinea and Sumatra. There are two main archipelagos – the Maluku Islands and Nusa Tenggara, as well as 60 smaller archipelagos. Indonesian legislation does not allow the sale of islands to foreigners or citizens. But you can buy shares of the resort business. You can also lease a land plot on an island. According to the Indonesian legislation on foreign investment, international investors can lease land in Indonesia via individual or legal entity. Please note that all beaches, coral reefs, and surfing spots in Indonesia are public zones. Read more about the real estate market in Indonesia in our article

Private islands in the Philippines

The Philippines consists of more than 7,000 islands. They are divided into three main groups: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. It is the fifth-largest island country in the world, and its coastline has a length of 36,289 kilometers, which makes it the fifth-longest coastline in the world. The Philippines is becoming an attractive area for real estate investment, and laws governing foreign ownership are still being standardized. Currently, foreigners cannot officially buy an island in the Philippines, but island hunters often resort to alternative ways of owning an island which include a long-term lease, joint ownership with a resident, or the purchase of an island through a Philippine company. These methods will not make you the official owner of the island, but in some cases may become a solution to achieve private and commercial goals. Read more about whether you can buy an island in the Philippines in this blogpost

Private islands in Japan

Japan includes more than 6,800 islands. Only 430 of them are inhabited. The main islands are Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu. The most private islands are located in the Seto Sea and around Shikoku, Saga, and Nagasaki. In general, Japanese islands are free property and may be bought and sold by individuals. But you should know that uninhabited islands are not considered residential areas. While some buyers build small wooden houses, most owners use their islands for camping. Some buyers use the island as a berth for fishing or diving.

Private islands in Sri Lanka

The territory of Sri Lanka has more than 30 islands grouped in its northern and eastern parts. The small offshore islands can be reached by ferry from nearby towns such as Jaffna in the north and Batticaloa in the east. The legislation allows foreigners to own private islands with some restrictions. It is usually possible under a long-term lease of up to 99 years. In addition, there is a 100% tax on the transfer of land to foreigners, which makes owning an island very expensive. However, the more restrictions appear in Sri Lankan laws, the more ways are found to get around them. More facts about the real estate market in Sri Lanka you`ll find in our blog post.

Private islands in Thailand

The state owns more than 1,400 small and large islands located in the coastal areas of the Andaman and South China Seas. They include private islands that sometimes appear on the market. More info about the ability to buy islands in Thailand you`ll find in this blog post. Many restrictions are applied to foreign investors wishing to own real estate in Thailand. But as in the case of other countries, the buyers find opportunities to implement their plans. Ownership of the island is possible through a long-term lease, purchase of island buildings, or indirect ownership through a resident or company. Direct freehold ownership of an island is not permitted by law.

Private islands in the Maldives

This is a rare find indeed. The islands are usually available for sale only to those companies that are interested in developing a resort or other business to contribute to the economy of the state and jobs for residents.  The laws of the Maldives are becoming more and more loyal to foreign investors over time. The government encourages joint business with local companies. Foreign investors often pay their attention to Maldives due to the minimum taxation and significant business opportunities. Read more about the ability to buy an island in the Maldives in the article.

Asian islands on Find Islands

About a fifth of Asia is made up of island countries with a large number of islands. The market in some island-rich countries is still in its development stage, and the laws become more loyal to real estate buyers over time. But in any case, whichever country you choose to buy an island, use the help of a competent, reliable lawyer and real estate agent. Read also: The Cheapest Islands for Sale in 2021