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    Find Islands website is the first independent directory of private islands. If you own an island and want to sell the island or offer it for rent, you have come to the right place.

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    In the past, such a request as selling private islands seemed like something extraordinary. But times are changing and the island market is evolving. Some people inherited an island, others bought an island at one time and now want to move on. Development of islands and then selling them is also a business, which in addition to the many hassles brings a special pleasure and sense of belonging to something beautiful.

    Every year dozens or even hundreds of islands are sold around the world, and your land plot will also sooner or later find its owner. Typically, the sale of the island takes from 2 to 5 years. However, this is only average data. Many islands find an owner in just a week, while others remain on the market for decades, even after multiple price reductions. The reason may be the location of the island, the bad reputation (history) of the area, legal obstacles, etc.

    Difficulties of selling private islands

    When you offer private island to sell, not everything plays into the hands of the owner. The main problems are the following:

    • small market. Private islands are a limited, very expensive, and time-consuming resource. Therefore, the island market is limited and relatively small. On the other hand, the owners, buyers, and sellers of islands are a community with their own voice and own platforms. So, the audience’s attention is not dispersed to a multitude of resources.
    • uncertain pricing. There is no single approach to assessing the value of an island because a large number of characteristics affect the price. Even very similar at first glance islands may have completely different prices. In addition, the owners often offer a subjective cost of the island, greatly inflating it. This does not give clarity to the prices and certainly does not help find a buyer.
    • complicated bureaucratic system. It can take months from the time a buyer shows up to the transfer of the island. The laws governing the sale of the island vary from country to country, and sometimes the process becomes endless red tape. However, competent lawyers and brokers can solve this problem.
    • need for maintaining the island. For an island to leave the best impression on visitors and accelerate its sale, it must remain in good condition. That’s a lot of work and expenses. Certainly, you can take a different approach, especially if you own an unbuilt and virtually untouched island. It’s a matter of cost and your goals.

    Maintaining an island requires constant decisions, the courage to implement new technology, and a lot of time and effort. And not always the more you invest in the island, the higher price you can set. However, if your investment proves effective, the value of the island will rightly increase.

    Sell island like pro!

    Island to sell have to become special for potential buyer. When they come to view the apartment, all the rooms are clean and comfortable. Even little things like the smell of cookies, fresh flowers, and fruit on the table help. You need the same attitude to prepare private island to sale. To buy an island, you have to love it, or at least believe in its potential. Furthermore, there are many areas to consider, like land, construction, environmental, legal, etc.

    The following recommendations will help to prepare private island to sell and increase its commercial potential.

    • Land preparation. Swampy areas can be a nuisance to buyers. After all, a swamp is a nursery of insects and gnats, and a bad odor; it hinders movement around the island and plans for its development. You can change the situation. To do this, bring large amounts of silt or sand into the marshlands, perform dredging, and plant plants that can hold the soil and reduce moisture.
    • Reducing the number of insects. This is a headache for many coastal areas. Insects are a nuisance and sometimes can be dangerous. Dewatering areas with stagnant water and using non-toxic chemicals can help eliminate this problem.
    • Renovating the water supply and other utilities. The issue of utilities is one of the key issues in assessing the cost of the island.
    • Creating an ecological environment. When planning utilities, consider environmental options such as solar and geothermal power. Make the island eco-friendly, because nature and life on the island literally depend on this. In addition, ecological solutions attract buyers, especially modern entrepreneurs.
    • Obtaining a building permit. The unresolved issue of being able to build on the island discourages most buyers. Bring clarity to the zoning of the island and the prospect of its development.
    • Restoration of buildings, repair work. If the island already has buildings, you should take care of their presentable appearance and proper condition.
    • A holistic development plan for the island. You don’t have to create a turnkey vacation complex on the island or a family residence. However, a detailed plan to implement such a solution, also qualitatively visualized, will undoubtedly be much more interesting to buyers. Our dreams are in our eyes.

    Certainly, every island needs individual solutions. You can offer an untouched plot of land or a whole ecological paradise with a private recreation complex.

    How to sell an island and how Find Islands can help

    To sell island or rent out island, you should contact lawyers and real estate agents. After checking all the legal nuances, you can move on. For selling private islands you will need quality photos and, if possible, video to show the island, as well as detailed information about the island. In addition, you should make it possible for potential buyers to visit the island. A trusted person can accompany and receive guests.

    Another option is to look for buyers and lessors on your own. This can be a basic search with a parallel work of agents, as well as an additional search. One of the sources of the interested audience is the Internet platforms. Our FindIslands resource is one of those places that is great for advertising a private island.

    To add real estate to our directory, you should fill out a form and provide information about the condition and features of the private plot. Instead, you will receive:

    • presentable page about your island;
    • website traffic and attention of the target audience;
    • messages from leads;
    • being in a community of like-minded people;
    • useful content and website update notifications.

    We continue working on Find Islands website functionality and improve our platform. If you have ideas for functionality that would help you, contact us.