Selling Private Islands

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We will come in handy if you are selling a private island or renting an island. Right now, we are creating a comfortable platform for islands sale and rent. Our website is designed both for individuals and real estate agents.

We have a unique offer for you. We offer a free publication of advertising the island in our catalog for a year for the first 10 users, who fill the form below. You will be notified about the launch of the catalog and the publication of your island.

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    If you are selling or renting an island, this website is just for you. Here you can introduce your property, describe all the characteristics of the island and find potential buyers and tenants. Please note that the island catalog and user dashboard are currently under development and will be available soon.

    Sale of a private island

    Selling an island is a rather complex process requiring time, attention and knowledge of the law. Island real estate is more difficult to evaluate and present to buyers. Also, arranging its review and legal execution of a sale contract are more complicated. Moreover, since islands are a niche form of property, it is not so easy to find buyers interested in offers of this scale.

    But all the nuances of selling an island have their solutions.

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