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If you want to buy an island, you’re in the right place. Welcome to our platform for making dreams come true.

At some point in our lives, many of us have imagined the perfect scene: our own house on a beautiful, remote island surrounded by picturesque nature, golden sunsets, and a gentle breeze. Yet, not everyone is aware that you can purchase an island and transform this dream into reality right now. Our website is designed precisely to help buyers and sellers of private islands find each other.

Private Islands Directory

Welcome to our comprehensive directory of private islands for sale from around the world. Our catalog is designed to be both concise and informative, offering all the essential details about available properties for sale and rent. We’ve also developed user-friendly functionality to simplify your island search.

  • Categories and Filters. As the number of listings grows, we’ve created a convenient categorization and filtering system, allowing you to search for islands based on your desired characteristics.
  • Island Sorting. You can change the order in which islands are displayed by selecting from various available characteristics.
  • Owner-Verified Information. Each island page contains information meticulously filled out and verified for accuracy by the owner or authorized real estate agent. Here, you’ll find details about the island’s location, area, price, description, and more.
  • Comprehensive Photos. We require a minimum of five photos for each island, providing potential buyers with a more accurate representation of the property.
  • Interactive Maps. Explore the exact location of the private island on an interactive map.
  • Real-Time Weather. Stay informed with real-time weather information through our weather widget.
  • Share Your Discoveries. Easily share your favorite islands or specific island pages on social media.
  • Save and Print. Organize your search efficiently with the option to print and save island pages.
  • Contact the owner/agent. At the end of each island page, you’ll find a convenient form to communicate with the contact person. Use this to ask questions, share impressions, or provide suggestions directly to the owner or agent.

If you believe we’ve missed important features that would enhance the user experience on our website, please feel free to share your ideas with us. We welcome your input and will consider how best to implement any valuable suggestions.

Which Islands Should I Consider?

Every island possesses its unique beauty, yet we all have distinct needs and preferences. To start your island search, it’s essential to identify which characteristics matter most to you. Take into account the following factors:

  • location of the island;
  • climate;
  • accessibility;
  • proximity to medical facilities;
  • availability of utilities or the feasibility of providing essential services (e.g., electricity, water);
  • existence of buildings;
  • building permissions and zoning regulations;
  • legal aspects and ownership type;
  • price.

Once you’ve determined your priorities, you can compare several islands that align with your preferences, bringing you closer to selecting your dream island. Following this, it’s advisable to visit your shortlisted islands to make the final decision. We recommend relying on two main guiding forces:

  • Intuition. Trust your inner intuition to tell you if a particular island resonates with your soul. However, reserve your judgment until you’ve visited the island in person. Engage all your senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, and allow your sixth sense to come into play.
  • Professionals. Purchasing an island is a significant and complex process. While our website allows direct communication with island owners, we strongly recommend seeking the support and expertise of professionals such as lawyers, real estate agents, and other necessary experts during the island-buying process.

Private Island Sales in Different Parts of the World

When searching for real estate, one of the primary considerations is location, and private islands are no exception. The island’s location influences various factors, including legal regulations, climate, accessibility, and other essential characteristics.

Private islands are situated across the globe, spanning different continents. However, it’s important to note that the island market is not uniformly represented worldwide. Here’s an overview of private island sales in various regions:

  • North America. The United States and Canada boast the most developed market with the largest supply of private islands. These regions generally have fewer restrictions on private island sales due to their liberalized market. Here, you can find both small islands and large islands complete with houses and amenities.
  • South and Central America. IThis region offers an excellent balance between price and island characteristics. However, selecting the right island and country location is crucial.
  • Tropical islands for sale. Many dream of owning a tropical paradise with white sandy beaches, tranquil blue lagoons, swaying palm trees, and exotic wildlife. While private Caribbean islands for sale are sought after, they present some challenges. The supply of tropical islands for sale is relatively limited, and available islands often exceed the USD 1,000,000 mark. Additionally, many countries impose restrictions on non-resident buyers. Consider exploring private islands with a tropical climate in South and Central America as alternative options.
  • Africa. The private island market in Africa is primarily concentrated in select locations. Islands are available for sale in countries such as Uganda, Namibia, Zambia, and Seychelles. Read more about Private Islands for sale in Africa
  • Europe. Europe offers a wide range of private islands, each with diverse climates, vegetation, and cultures. Whether you seek warm Italian islands or secluded Scandinavian retreats, you’ll find a variety of options. The most lenient regulations for island real estate are typically found in France, Italy, and Spain.
  • Asia. Asian islands are renowned for their beauty. However, it’s important to note that many Asian countries rarely allow foreigners to purchase islands on a freehold basis. Instead, you may need to consider leasehold arrangements to fulfill your island dream.

Our team understands that preferences vary widely. Some individuals seek uninhabited islands for camping adventures, while others dream of creating their island vacation complex in a bustling tourist area. We embrace both concepts, and that’s why our catalog includes islands at varying stages of development to cater to a diverse range of island enthusiasts.

Find Islands Online

If you’re looking to buy a private island, conducting thorough research is essential. The Internet remains the most accessible and popular resource for real estate searches, especially when you’ve decided to explore island options. Visiting each potential island in person can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Our aim is to provide you with valuable information to help you narrow down your choices to a select few priority islands. However, we strongly advise that you verify the reliability of the island owner or agent as a legitimate representative of the real estate before planning your visit. Additionally, it’s crucial to engage the services of a competent lawyer, an independent real estate agent, an accountant, and other professionals to facilitate your purchase.