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If you want to buy island, you’re in the right place. Welcome to our platform for making dreams come true.

Probably each of us at least once in our lives imagined this ideal picture: our own house on a beautiful remote island, picturesque nature, golden sunsets and a gentle breeze. But not everyone knows that you can buy an island and turn your dream into reality right now. Our website is designed precisely to help buyers and sellers of private islands find each other.

Private Islands Directory

Here are listed private islands for sale from all over the world. We designed our catalog so that it was concise and at the same time contained all the necessary information about the items for sale and rent. We also developed functionality that makes it easy to find an island.

  • Categories and Filters. There will be more and more islands, so we’ve developed a convenient categorization and filter search for islands, so you can search for islands by desired characteristics.
  • Island sorting. Change the order in which islands are displayed by selecting one of the available characteristics.
  • Island information from the owner. Each island page includes information filled out and checked for relevance by the owner or authorized real estate agent. You will find information about the island’s location, area, price, description, etc.
  • Photo of the land plot. We have made it compulsory to add at least five photos of the island to give potential buyers a more accurate picture of the real estate item.
  • Location of the island on the map. Expand the map to see where the private island is located.
  • Location weather. Get real-time weather information with a weather widget.
  • Share discoveries. Share your favorite islands or your island page on social media.
  • Save all the information. We’ve added a print and save island page feature for a more organized search for the desired island.
  • Contact the owner/agent. At the end of each island page, you will see a form to communicate with a contact person. Write your questions, impressions, and suggestions to contact the owner or agent.

If you think we haven’t considered important features for website visitors, offer your ideas, and we’ll decide how to implement them.

Which islands should I look at?

Each island is beautiful in its way. And yet we all have different needs. To begin with, determine what characteristics are most important to you. Consider the following points:

  • location of the island;
  • climate;
  • personal travel to the island;
  • remoteness from medical facilities;
  • availability of utilities or the ability to provide the island with the necessary communications (light, water);
  • availability of buildings;
  • permission to construct or build-out, zoning of the area;
  • legal issues, type of ownership;
  • price.

Then you can compare several similar islands, which will bring you closer to choosing your dream island. Next, you will need to visit the selected islands for the final choice. We recommend relying on two main powers:

  • Intuition. Inner intuition tells you whether your soul is for a certain island. But trust it only when you visit the island. Engage all your senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, and then the sixth sense will certainly speak.
  • Professionals. Buying an island is a troublesome process and certainly an important step. On our website, you can communicate directly with the owner of the island. However, we strongly recommend engaging the support and services of lawyers, real estate agents, and other necessary professionals in the process of buying an island.

Private island sales in different parts of the world

When looking for real estate, the first thing we pay attention to is location. Private islands are no exception. After all, the law, the climate, the approach to the island, and other important characteristics depend on the island’s location.

Private islands are located in all parts of the world and belong to different continents. However, the island market is not uniformly represented.

  • North America. The US and Canada have the most developed market and the largest supply. There are the fewest restrictions for private island sales due to the liberalized market. Here you will find small islands for sale and large islands for sale with house and everything you need.
  • South and Central America. In the region, you can find the best combination of price and the characteristics of the island. However, you must carefully choose the location of the island and the country.
  • Tropical islands for sale. The first thing that comes to a dreamer’s mind is a tropical island with white sand, a calm blue lagoon, sprawling palm trees, and birds of paradise. People often look for private Caribbean islands for sale and encounter a number of difficulties. First, the supply of tropical islands for sale is small, and the available islands cost more than USD 1,000,000. In addition, most countries offer limited opportunities for non-resident buyers. However, it is possible to consider compromise options of private islands with a tropical climate in South and Central America.
  • Africa. The private island market is only developed in a few locations. You will find islands for sale in Uganda, Namibia, Zambia, and Seychelles.
  • Europe. Islands for sale in Europe offer the greatest diversity in terms of climate, vegetation, and culture. Here you can find warm Italian islands and remote Scandinavian strongholds. The most lenient laws for island real estate are in France, Italy, and Spain.
  • Asia. The islands in this part of the world are incredible! However, Asian countries very rarely allow foreigners to buy an island on a freehold basis. However, you can consider a leasehold to make your dream come true.

We are all different. Some are looking for uninhabited islands for sale for camping, while others dream of their island vacation complex in a tourist area. We like both ideas. So, our team adds islands of varying levels of development to the catalog.

Find Islands Online

To buy private island faster you need to make detailed research. The Internet remains the most accessible and popular source for finding real estate. This is especially true when you`ve decided to choose island because traveling to each island takes a lot of time and resources. We do our best to make sure you get valuable information and select a few priority islands. But we urge you to make sure that the owner or agent of the island is a reliable representative of the real estate, and only then plan your trip. You will also need the services of a competent lawyer, independent real estate agent, accountant, and other professionals.