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Africa is the second-largest continent of the planet and occupies 1/5 of the world's land. Its coast on the West is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, and the eastern coastal territory is in the power of the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea. The landscape on the African continent is very diverse. The fertile lands of the plains pass into the Atlas Mountains, which change into the sands of the Sahara. There are many islands in Africa, but only few are available for sale. But the marketed African islands are magnificent.

Climate of Africa

Most of Africa is characterized by high temperatures and is therefore considered the hottest continent. Average temperatures during the year on the northern coast of the Gulf of Guinea and in the Congo Basin are 25-26°C. Average summer temperatures are the highest in northern Sudan, in the Sahara (30-32°C; up to 38°C in the western part); in El Azizia (Libya) there was a maximum temperature on Earth – 58°C. The summer temperatures in subtropical latitudes range from 16 to 22°C. The difference between winter and summer is mainly in humidity. Summer is the rainy season almost everywhere, and winter is the rainless season. The exceptions are the equator, where rainfall occurs year-round, and the deserts where there is no rain in summer or winter. Completely different climatic conditions formed in the African mountains.

Foreign ownership in African countries

The laws governing private ownership are very different in African countries. In some places all lands belong to the government, registration processes are often complex, and ownership rights are not properly protected. In some places, a long-term lease of up to 99 years is possible. Some countries have liberalized the real estate market (South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Morocco, Egypt). Ghana, Cameroon, Kenya, Rwanda, and Mauritius are also countries with free real estate markets. However, each country has its restrictions and conditions for foreign ownership. It can relate to land purposes, minimum bank contributions, etc.

Seychelles Islands for Sale

Seychelles are located in the Indian Ocean 480 km east of Africa. The archipelago has 115 granite and coral islands. They are divided into the Inner and Outer Islands, as well as into 25 administrative regions. The islands are known for beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, deep blue oceans, and natural diversity. Two World Heritage Sites are located here. In Seychelles, you can find private islands and lease them for vacation. You may also buy the island luxury real estate. This is available both for island residents and foreigners. The government controls foreign ownership, so you will need to obtain permission to buy one or another real estate item. The real estate prices are quite high due to high demand and limited offers. Separate small islands of the Seychelles archipelago are sometimes offered for sale. Read more about beautiful private islands for sale in Seychelles in the article.

Islands for Sale in Uganda

Uganda has no access to the ocean, but it shares the largest tropical Lake Victoria with Tanzania and Kenya. Its area is 68 thousand square kilometres. There are many islands on the lake to which you can get by boat or launch. Most of the islands fall under Uganda's jurisdiction. Only local investors and citizens of Uganda have ownership rights. However, you can own some islands under a long-term lease for 49 or 99 years. Uganda's laws governing private property are being modernized. Some of the lake private islands in Uganda are available for sale.

Islands for Sale in Other Countries

You can also find island real estate or private islands in other African countries. Ownership is usually possible under a long-term lease, but there are some exceptions. More about the real estate market and private islands in Africa in the post. On this page, you will find private islands of African countries. You can find the terms of purchase and all details about the object of sale on the pages of the respective islands. If you want to post your own island or real estate of your clients, go to the page for owners/agents and fill out the form.