Private Islands for Sale in Thailand, the Land of Smiles

Private Islands for Sale in Thailand, the Land of Smiles

The Kingdom of Thailand is one of the most amazing, unforgettable and exotic corners of the planet Earth, a country of smiles and endless positivity. Thailand impresses with its hospitality, unique natural beauty and contrast, which combines the ancient culture with the thrill of the metropolis. This country is filled with bright colours, spicy aromas and an unlimited number of entertainment programs. But you can not only dive into the colourful life of Thais but also find a remote private island for sale in Thailand and arrange your cosy family home or create a modern resort for locals and foreigners.

Amazing Thailand Always Amazes You

Today, Thailand is one of the most visited countries in Southeast Asia. Here, without exception, everyone will be able to find a hobby. In addition, all the conditions for a comfortable life are created here. The country’s climate is very mild and conducive to recreation. For most of the year, the air temperature does not fall below +25°C, so a light summer rain or even a real tropical downpour will only make you hide under the roof for a moment. As soon as the rain is over, you will enjoy the sea, and sun and rest again.

The total length of the country from north to south is about 1860 km. In Thailand, there are a variety of geographical reliefs: both plains and hilly plateaus, and mountains. The state owns many small and large islands located in the coastal areas of the Andaman and South China Seas. Among them are private islands for sale, which occasionally enter the market.

Thailand private islands for sale

Can foreigners buy an island in Thailand?

By law, foreigners cannot own islands in Thailand. However, investors and lawyers often find loopholes in the law and provide an opportunity for legal ownership of the island.

Here are the main methods used by foreigners to buy island in Thailand. But remember, the best decision is one made by a competent lawyer.

Owning islands of Thailand based on a leasehold

Most foreigners own land in Thailand on long-term leases. The terms of the lease allow you to lease the island for 30 years with the possibility of further extension of the agreement. In general, in this way you can rent an island for up to 90 years. The initial lease period and subsequent extensions must be clearly stated in the contract together with a statement that they have been paid in advance.

An option may be included in the contract that will allow you to purchase the land in full if the law changes.

Owning Thailand islands through a Thai company

Some investors are setting up a local limited liability company to buy the island. It should be noted in this paragraph that a Thai company must include at least seven shareholders (nominal shareholders in Thailand are illegal). In this case, a foreign investor may own no more than 51% of the company. To ensure that the island can be managed, the sole executive director of the company through which the land will be purchased in the future will be a foreign owner (the person who wants to buy the island).

It is important for shareholders to sign undated share transfer agreements about transferring control of the company to a foreign director.

Buying Thailand islands with a Thai

As the government often opposes buying the island through a company, other ways have to be sought. One solution is to marry a resident of Thailand and buy a property through marriage. However, a foreigner still cannot be the owner of the island and a Thai must sign a declaration that the island was bought with the money they had before marriage. Keep in mind that the law will always be on the side of the Thais, so they can decide to sell the property even without your consent.

One way to avoid such problems is to make a long-term lease of the island by a foreigner. Thus, even if a Thai spouse decides to sell the island, it will be difficult due to the tenant’s right to remain on the leased land until the end of the lease.

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Buying a building, renting land

If there are buildings on the island, you can buy them and rent land (in Thailand, a foreigner can own residential real estate, but not land). An experienced lawyer can also guarantee that the initial 30-year period can be renewed after the end of the first term.

There are other ways that allow you to buy the island in Thailand (obtaining citizenship, buying through a trustee, etc.). Although most of them do not make you the direct owner but will help you achieve your private or commercial goals. But in any case, you will need professional and reliable legal support (lawyer) and the services of a real estate agent. The agent will select the best option for you on the island. An experienced lawyer, in turn, will help you choose the best strategy for buying an island and provide all the legal nuances.

Are there any private islands for sale in Thailand?

You will not find many islands for sale in Thailand, but there are such offers. Among them are the following Thai islands:

  • Koh Jum Island Lodge — USD 3,600,000
  • Yai Island operation — USD18,000,000
  • Rangyai Island — USD 160,000,000

The price of a private island in Thailand starts at USD3,000,000 and can reach sky-high prices. However, in most cases they are worth their price, so choose the island with your soul and mind.

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Thailand islands for sale

Become the owner of Thai islands

For centuries, the magnetic force of Thailand has attracted people from all over the world. Eventually, they turn from casual guests into regular tourists, and some decide to settle here forever. If you want to buy an island in Thailand and have a good understanding of your motives and next steps, do not hesitate.

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