Maná Island for sale

  • 16 Acres

  • 4,100,000

  • Private Island, Freehold

  • Ocean island

  • Developed

Located on the bay of Angra dos Reis and surrounded by an emerald sea, the island is 3 km from the port of Brachuy and has a large green area with all the comforts in perfect condition.

Maná Island

Time Zone: GMT-3

Current time: 01:12

Tropical climate

About Maná Island

The residential buildings are north facing, which provides full use of the sunlight. The barbecue area is located on the west side and becomes the natural air conditioning of the place, with a constant and pleasant breeze at sunset.

The sale of this island of 62,500 m2 and 1,200 metres of perimeter is all inclusive.

The water supply system has a power of three natural sources and main tank, which together with other deposits accumulate 70,000 litres.

Certainly, electricity is a major issue in the islands. In turn, this is generated by solar panels capable of producing the energy necessary for a full autonomy of the island, which remains with the generators that were previously used.

The buildings of the island separated into 4 distinct areas, they are:

The caretaker’s house and a boathouse, with 120 m2.
This area includes the capitation plates and solar energy storage;

The main house which houses the TV room, kitchen, 2 small bedrooms, dining room and kitchen, with 92 m2 surrounded by a wooden terrace;

The 4 bungalows in line and divided by a room with a bar, in common with 347m2 and a terrace that gives access to the sea;

In the covered area of 16 m2 barbecue, there is a lawn with palm trees and deck chairs. This lawn leads to the natural freshwater pool dug into the rock by the sea.

Still among the main house and the bungalows, there is a bridge to the heliport and atracador boats.

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