Harry and Meghan News: Couple considering buying a private island for relocation

Harry and Meghan News: Couple considering buying a private island for relocation

It has emerged that Harry and Meghan are considering joining the so-called islanders’ club. We have previously discussed celebrity islands and the privileges that come with owning one. In this article, we find out what prompted the decision to buy an island, what options are being considered and when we can expect news of the couple’s move to an island.

Background on Harry and Meghan’s decision to buy an island

It all began when King Charles III evicted the couple from Frogmore Cottage. He sent the Sussexes an eviction notice a week after Harry’s tell-all book ‘Spare’ was published.

Among the reasons cited by royal commentators, the main one is the housing crisis faced by the royal estate. It is believed that the royal family has a surplus of luxury homes that are not being used properly.

The couple’s decision to terminate the lease was described as a way to free up the valuable property.

However, the fact that the decision was taken after the publication of the scandalous book has led many to believe that this is a battle for the authority of the Crown and an attempt to further distance the couple from the royal family.

It is possible that the decision to evict them will have serious consequences for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. As well as fuelling the scandal, it will sever any physical ties the couple has with the UK. They will also no longer be able to use the security ring fence provided by Windsor. This will make any future visits to the UK difficult.

From the royal to the island life

The decision to buy an island was no accident for either of them. Harry has always said that he likes to live in a natural and eco-friendly environment. Furthermore, during their royal tour in 2018, Harry and Meghan were very impressed with their stay on Kaibu Island.

For reference, Kaibu is an 800-acre private island off the coast of Fiji. It is one of the Vatuvara private islands. These islands are special because they are fully in line with modern island trends. They have solar panels, and eco-cottages and are supplied with organic produce from their own farms.

Most sources emphasise that the couple are not just to buy an island, they are also to move there permanently. As we have written before, there are several reasons why people buy islands. Among them is the desire for a quiet life and isolation from the noisy outside world.

Given the difficulties the couple has had to overcome since relinquishing their royal titles, the publicity and constant media scrutiny is a good incentive to flee.

The source claims that the idea of leaving the Los Angeles base is being discussed. Options for relocation include Canada and South Africa. In general, they will agree to a country where they have public support.

Looking to the future

At the moment, we don’t know which option Harry and Meghan will choose. We’ll be watching closely and bringing you updates as they happen. However, the couple wants a change. They have always wanted privacy, so a private island should be a good choice.

Vatuvara Islands for sale

The Vatuvara Islands, the private islands in Fiji mentioned above, are available for sale on our website. The islands are part of the Vatuvara Foundation, which is dedicated to the preservation of Fiji’s natural and cultural heritage.

vatuvara islands for sale
Vatuvara Islands for sale

Island Prices:

  • Vatuvara Island — 1,200 acres — USD55,000,000
  • Kaibu Island — 800 acres — USD65,000,000
  • Kanacea Island — 3,085 acres — USD25,000,000
  • Adavaci Island — 102 acres — USD7,000,000
  • Vatuvara Foundation Included in the sale
  • Twin Otter Aircraft — USD3,000,000

Total Price — USD155,000,000