The Most Complete Guide to the Balearic Islands

The Most Complete Guide to the Balearic Islands

Europe is full of beautiful places worth visiting. The Balearic Islands are no doubt one of these directions. Spectacular sites, rich nature, lots of entertainment, and authentic features make Baleares Islands a real Makkah of tourism in the Mediterranean region.

As there are lots of interesting things to do and to visit on Baleares, let’s discover them in a full in our complete guide.

Main Information About Balearic Islands

Under the name of the Balearic Islands, an archipelago is hidden, consisting of four large and several small islands. If you ask where are the Balearic Islands located, the most accurate answer would be the west of the Mediterranean Sea. The closest piece of land in relation to the Balearic Islands on the map is the eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula.

The next question, which is often of interest to tourists, is what are the names of the Balearic Islands. Among the major islands are the following:

  • Mallorca’s largest Balearic island. Its area is 1,405 sq miles. By the way, the name Mallorca in high Latin means “the largest island”. The population of Mallorca reaches 900,000 people and its biggest city Palma is also an administrative centre of the whole Balearic Islands.
  • Menorca is the second-size Balearic island. It is also depicted in its name as Menorca means “smaller island”. The population of Menorca is over 94,000 people and its main city is Mahon, well-known by the name of the classical sauce mayonnaise that was invented there.
  • One more gem in the Balearian crown is Ibiza, the isle that is famous for its party life and nightclubs. Ibiza has a population of more than 147,000 people which is more than Menorca has despite the area of this island is smaller.
  • Formentera is the fourth of the large Balearic Islands. Here only 9,9962 people live. Although its a smaller size and population, Formentera is also one of the touristic centres of the region.

Besides larger islands, the Balearic archipelago consists of lots of small isles and rocks. The most famous among them is Cabrera, the isle where Cabrera National Park is located.

One of the features of the Balearic Islands is their diversity of landscapes. Mallorca has mountain ranges and hills, Menorca is famous for its picturesque plains, and all the islands delight tourists with luxurious beaches.

Climate and Sites of the Balearic Islands

The sunny Balearic Islands have become a popular tourist destination primarily due to their climate. Thanks to its favourable location right between Europe and Africa, the climate of this archipelago is especially mild. There are no sharp temperature fluctuations here, in winter, the temperature does not drop below +5 Celsius. And in the summer months, the temperature on the Balearic Islands is kept at 29-30 degrees Celsius.

At the same time, the climate is quite dry, easily tolerated, and has no contraindications, unlike the tropics. Rain in the Balearic Islands is rare in summer, but there are also heavy showers from time to time. The rainiest months of the year are September, October, and November. And in summer, the sun shines for 11 hours a day, which is especially appreciated by fans of a beach holiday.

Besides the comfortable climate, the Balearic Islands attracts by their attractions. Let’s look at the main ones, grouping them by islands.

Guide to the Balearic Islands

Mallorca’s Sites Worth Your Attention

The first and the most interesting thing to do in Mallorca is to visit one of its deluxe resorts. Beaches on the Mediterranean shore are cosy and comfortable. The most famous recreation beach zones of that island are as follows:

  • Cala Major is a family recreation area in Palma de Mallorca.
  • Palmanova is based 15 kilometres from Palma de Mallorca.
  • Magaluf is the centre of the nightlife on the island.
  • Camp de Mar is a Blue Flag beach resort that unites beach sites with pine woods and rocks to dive from.

Besides resorts, you can also visit the Cathedral of Mallorca island to look at that masterpiece of Gothic architecture. For the family journey, there is also an opportunity to explore ostrich farms and other green tourist locations on that island. Besides, you shouldn’t neglect an opportunity to visit Sierra de Tramuntana, which is included in the UNESCO list of world heritage sites.

The List of Places to Visit in Menorca

Menorca is one of the Balearic islands with a rich cultural heritage. You can enjoy colonial and local architecture sites throughout the island. Besides, there is an ancient feast tradition that came from Middle Ages. Visiting feasts hold all year long is one of the popular touristic entertainments.

You will be able to see all the best sights of the island while travelling through Mahon, Ciutadella, and Santa Agueda Castle, an ancient fortress on the La Mola peninsula. And, of course, the famous Fort Marlborough is also worthy of being included in this list.

Ibiza’s Best Sites

It is not even worth mentioning that Ibiza is the centre of club culture in the Mediterranean region. But not only clubs and beaches are of interest. It is also worth visiting Ibiza Castle, built on the highest point of the island in the 12th century. And there are many Renaissance ruins, ancient Phoenician archaeological sites, Dalt Villa monuments and other UNESCO heritage sites.

Formentera’s Noticeable Sites

Unlike other Balearic islands, Formentera is a stronghold of gastro-tourism, since there are many wineries and farms on the island. It is also the shopping centre of the archipelago. As for natural attractions, tourists should visit the Punta de San Perdera quarry and visit the Estany des Peix lagoon.

Economy and Job Offers

The economy of the archipelago is largely based on tourism. The Balearic Islands belong to Spain, and this leaves an imprint on the development of the region. Agriculture and gastronomy are also well developed here.

If you are going to settle in the Balearic Islands, you should think about integrating into the local economy. It is also a paradise for freelancers who do not depend on the specifics of the region.

Guide to the Balearic Islands

Main Tips on Balearic Islands Real Estate 

Those who are going to acquire real estate in the Balearic Islands should not worry too much. Spain willingly allows foreigners to buy property. All you need to do is obtain an NIE from the local authorities and open a Spanish bank account. Among the accommodation options in the Balearic Islands you can choose:

  • Private residences,
  • Bungalow,
  • Townhouses,
  • Macia is a kind of home farm for the agricultural business.

You can also easily rent the local property for the short or long term.
We recommend that you consider options near airports in the Balearic Islands, especially if you need to travel frequently to European countries on business.

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Pros and Cons Living in the Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands are one of the paradises of the Mediterranean. And this archipelago is definitely worth visiting at least once. The advantages of the Balearic Islands are as follows:

  • With a rich history and many attractions associated with it,
  • Delicious and varied gastronomy is what the islands are famous for,
  • Clean beaches, suitable for families,
  • Active club life and excellent shopping,
  • Lots of UNESCO heritage sites,
  • Comfortable climate.

There are only a few drawbacks to this archipelago. It is the need to know Spanish or Catalan, the main languages of the region. Also in recent years, there have been Balearic Island travel restrictions related to COVID-19. But now the islands are opening their borders to everyone, and you won’t have to suffer for lack of vaccinations.

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