How To Survive on A Desert Island

How To Survive on A Desert Island

Let’s imagine that, just hypothetically, even in the modern world you still can stay alone on a desert island. To stay alive, you need to know how to survive on a deserted island. That is you need to know some important wilderness survival rules. And your life on a desert island literally depends on how well you master them.

Note that this is not a survival guide and the information may be inaccurate or incorrect. But the fact remains, that in any case, we should all learn the rules of survival in the wild. And this article is just an attempt to gather some survival tips and share them with you.

Wilderness island survival rules

To survive in the wild, you need to: 

  1. Find drinking water. You need to try to find a source of clean water. Wildlife paths, wetlands, and large ravines usually lead to the source. If they are not found, you can replace water with the juice of some plants, trees, fruits, and berries or collect morning dew. If it rains, do not sit under a bush, but make a cup out of a large plant leaf and collect precious liquid in it. You probably won’t survive without water.
  2. Make a bungalow. The shelter will give warmth at night, shade during the day, and the opportunity to hide food, firewood and equipment. The type of shelter will depend on the material around it. It is better to place the shelter near a water source and in the open. In the warm season, it is enough to make a canopy and dig a ditch so that water does not get under the canopy during the rain. 
  3. Provide yourself with fire. To avoid freezing at night, find branches, dry leaves or grass. Lighting fire by friction is a method that is best learned in advance, but if you have never tried it, you should not waste energy. It is better to use glasses, cameras and watches. 

This is really necessary if you are stranded on an island for a long time. The main thing is to stay calm!  

Other tips for desert island survival

It is quite possible to survive on an island if you follow the rules of survival to stay calm. Here are some more important rules: 

  1. Rescue signal. If you have aircraft routes passing over you, try to get their attention with flashes or fires. To be noticed by passing ships, give smoke and sound signals. And in no case lose hope for salvation and continue fighting for survival. 
  2. Focus on survival. Just assume what is taking place now. Examine yourself; you may also be injured after the catastrophe that brought you to the deserted island. Find water and food, and make a refuge. Then try to find help. It is unknown how long you will have to be on the island. Keep in mind that you need to think about how to survive. Desert island could be very unexpected in weather or with dangerous insects or animals. Be careful.
  3. Think about protection. Make a weapon. It can be a sharp stick. Beware of snakes and insects, do not look into the caves. Do not dive into the water, there may also be sharks and various dangerous creatures. Be vigilant and careful. 

Try to stay in one place. This can limit the risk of visiting an unknown island and increase your chances of island survival.

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First aid on a desert island

It is important to take care of any injuries as well as you can to avoid them getting worse or infected. Basic rules: 

  1. A cut needs to be pressed to stop the bleeding. Next, you should take a piece of material and bandage the wound.
  2. To keep warm, take off wet clothes and stay by the fire. Dry your clothes and put them on again. 
  3. If you sprained your arm or leg, secure it with a cloth and do not strain. To provide rest to the damaged body, tighten a bandage, to apply a cooled object.
  4. You may have a shock or panic attack. Lie on a flat surface and try to breathe in and out deeply. You can also try counting to 10. It helps to calm down.

You can survive in dangerous conditions. Find water, food and bungalows. Ask for assistance in all feasible ways. The primary component is to stay calm and careful. Knowing survivalist tips for some on a deserted island is very important. You never know what might happen to you.

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