8 Popular Movies Filmed on Islands

8 Popular Movies Filmed on Islands

The nature of the islands is diverse and unique and often gives the impression of the extraterrestrial world or ancient times with their wildness and purity. Therefore, the islands have often inspired artists and directors in particular. We offer our readers the to relax a bit and get acquainted with island settings with several movies filmed on islands or films, scenes of which were shot on islands in different parts of the world.

A Bigger Splash

Plot. After the vocal operation, the famous rock diva Marienne is vacationing on an Italian island with her young boyfriend – film director Paul. Unexpectedly, they are joined by her ex-boyfriend Harry and his daughter Penelope. Harry tries to win Marienne’s heart again, while Penelope tries to seduce Paul … Reckless play, innocent flirtation, real passion and all-consuming jealousy will turn into a deadly danger for the heroes …

Shooting location – Pantelleria Island.  This small Italian island is located in the south of the Mediterranean, between Sicily and the coast of Tunisia. By the way, this is the largest volcanic Sicilian island. Its area is 83 square kilometres. Volcanic activity is observed on the volcanic island by: hot springs and fumaroles. The highest peak, Montagna Grande, reaches 836 m (2743 feet) above sea level.

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50 First Dates

Plot. Henry meets Lucy, who suffers from memory loss after a car accident. And every new day has to start all over again because the morning begins with the fact that Lucy doesn`t remember her lover. However, Henry does not give up and continues to fight for his love.

Shooting location. Hawaii island, mostly Sea Life Park between Koolau Range and Makapuu Beach. In the film, viewers can see some places that really exist in Hawaii. For example, a restaurant where the characters met at the beginning of the movie or the beach scenes at Sea Life Park. And this is no accident: the places were specially selected by the directors to make the audience feel at home and think that the characters are “local”.

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The Blue Lagoon

Plot. Due to a fire on the ship, two children, Richard and Emmeline, with the help of one of the sailors find themselves on a desert island, but the sailor soon dies, and the children are left uncharted island alone. So the boy and the girl grow up on the island, independently mastering life, friendship and love.

Film based upon Henry Devere Stacpoole’s first book of a trilogy. The Blue Lagoon was released in 1980 as the third attempt to build The Blue Lagoon for movie screens and focuses as much on getting older as it is on the characters.

Shooting location. The film was shot on the private island of Nanuya Levu in Fiji. The flora and fauna present in the film include many animals from different continents, including a species of iguana, still unknown to biologists. Herpetologist John Gibbons visited the remote island where the iguana was filmed after watching the film and described it in 1981.

Eat, Pray, Love

Plot. Liz Gilbert had everything a modern woman dreams of – a man, a house, a successful career – but she feels confused and looking for what she really wants from life. Liz divorces with her husband and, risking everything begins to travel the world and embark on a path of self-knowledge. During her travels, she gets real pleasure from eating while in Italy, learns the power of prayer in India, and finally seeks true love in Bali.

Shooting location. The main work on the film began in August 2009. Filming includes New York (USA), Rome and Naples (Italy), Delhi and Pataudi (India), and Ubud and Padang Padang Beach on the island of Bali (Indonesia).

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Pirates of The Caribbean

About the film. Describing the plot of “Pirates -” is a thankless task, because the film has gained popularity among viewers around the world. Interestingly, this is one of the first blockbuster franchises in the modern sense, and a phenomenally successful series of films in which no one believed. The PG-13 rating, the eccentric Johnny Depp in the lead role, and the subject of piracy, which was considered very unpopular among modern viewers – are the reasons why Disney has long been afraid to take on this project and already predicted how it would fail. But, as we know, the opposite happened.

Shooting location. There are a lot of places where the scenes of Pirates of The Caribbean were filmed. Shooting locations include St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Tortuga, Dominica, the Bahamas, Singapore, Molokai, Puerto Rico, and even England. That’s why we added these films to the list of the best island movies filmed on islands. By the way, the second and third parts of the film were shot by the method of “back-to-back,” which was at the same time, but came out with a short break.

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Plot. Castaway is a survival drama film about a FedEx executive named Chuck Noland, who becomes stranded on a deserted island after his plane crashes in the South Pacific. The majority of the film takes place on an uninhabited island, where Chuck must learn to survive and adapt to his new environment. Tom Hanks gives a standout performance as Chuck, and the film is well-known for its stunning cinematography and realistic portrayal of survival on a deserted island.

Shooting location. The movie was primarily shot on location in Fiji and Monuriki Island, an isolated island which is part of the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji. The island remains uninhabited, in films as well as in real life however trips to snorkel are possible from the mainland.

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Lord of the Flies (1990)

Plot. Another film incorporating a Classical Book as its inspiration is the film adaptation in 1990 “Lord the Flies” a social commentary about real and figurative tribalism that is more prevalent today in today’s world. A military school class of boys is trapped after crashing into a ruined island and things quickly turn from violence and survival to survival.

Shooting location. The ‘abandoned’ island in Hawaii is actually Hawaii, with two exceptions Snow Hill and Frenchman’s Cove in Jamaica. It is also the Hamakua coast in northeastern Jamaica with rainforests, waterfalls, and valleys.

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The Beach (2000)

Plot. The beach has a darker tone compared to most movie sets on an island. This story follows Richard (another lesser-known character in Leonardo DiCaprio). He wants to escape his boring life and travel the globe seeking his perfect paradise-lost dream. He gets an outline that leads to a “tropic paradise” and he joins a French couple to come to an island commune. The village actually looks like something of a prison island, manned by a woman who gathers people to work on her behalf. Richard causes the island’s demise by telling other people about its map.

Shooting location. The majority of The Beach was shot on location in Thailand. The film features stunning shots of the Thai islands and beaches, and the use of real locations helped to create a sense of authenticity and immersion. The film’s shooting location also played an important role in the story, as the contrast between the beauty of the beach and the darkness and mysterious island that lurks beneath it serves as a key element of the plot.

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There are many movies filmed on islands. These include comedies and melodramas, adventure island movies and thrillers, and even horror. You can share your favourite ‘island’ movies in the comments. Did you like the article? Please leave a comment and subscribe to blog updates.