Private Islands for Sale in Fiji. 2023 Update

Private Islands for Sale in Fiji. 2023 Update

We`ve updated our article with the 2023 data and added a list of islands available for purchase. Scroll down below.

The Republic of Fiji is located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean and consists of 322 islands. Each island is a unique treasure of the Pacific Ocean. Here you will find many great hotels with excellent service, beautiful places and conditions for diving, surfing and fishing. Furthermore, Fiji is a popular place to develop the resort business. So, the luxury real estate market is thriving, including the private island market.

Fiji Islands

Fiji is the most developed island state in Oceania in terms of tourism. More than 300 islands amaze tourists with their blue lagoons, luxurious beaches, and hills covered with evergreen forests. Most of Fiji Islands are of volcanic origin, but there are also coral islands on the archipelago. Now there are no active volcanoes on the islands, but there are several thermal springs.

Also here is one of the attractions of Oceania, the Great Sea Reef, which is the third-largest barrier reef on the planet after the Australian and Mesoamerican. It is located near the island of Vanua Levu. The reef spans 200 kilometers and is home to 75% of Fiji coral species and 80% of all reef fish.

Only a third of Fiji Islands are inhabited. The largest islands are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. About 70% of the country’s population lives on the island of Viti Levu. The main airport is located here.

Fiji Climate

The climate in Fiji is tropical. It is warm here all year round, even in the “winter” months. The average temperature is +25°C, but it can rise above +30°C in summer (December and January) and drop to +18°C in winter (July and August). Fijian winter (May to October) is the dry season and the best time to visit the islands. The ocean surrounding Fiji usually has a pleasant temperature of +27°C, so you can enjoy swimming and diving at any time.

There is no exhausting heat, as well as the cold season in Fiji. Therefore, the local climate is very comfortable for people of all ages.

Private Fiji Islands

The private island market in Fiji is quite well developed. Here you can find both small island plots and huge islands; undeveloped locations and large-scale resorts. The owners also offer turnkey islands, on which everything is ready for the opening of the resort, including landing strips and all the services. You can buy an island in Fiji both on freehold and leasehold conditions.

The private islands in Fiji are stunningly beautiful. And they are all different. Some islands are characterized by intact nature, mountainous terrain, ancient rainforests, and numerous beaches with coconut palms. Others have clear landscaping and all the amenities in a small area. On some islands, there are waterfalls and geothermal hot springs, as well as unique flora and fauna.

Fiji private island

Foreign ownership in Fiji Islands

Fiji is one of the few countries in the Pacific that allows non-Fiji citizens to own properties. The government actively encourages foreign investment and has created several schemes to promote tourism. Land ownership and trade in Fiji are regulated under the Land Transfer Act.

According to the legislation, there are three types of land in Fiji: Native land, Crown land and Freehold property.

  • Native land. More than 80% of land in Fiji falls under this type. These are the lands that belong to the indigenous population. Only indigenous people can buy such plots and freely dispose of them. You cannot buy them on freehold conditions. But the leasehold is possible for this land. The lease term is usually 99 years, and the lease is controlled by TLTB, iTaukei Land Trust Board. Every 10 years your island rent will be revised.
  • Crown land. 7% of the land belongs to the Fiji government. In this case, only the leasehold is usually offered. However, exceptions are possible. You can lease these lands directly from the government in certain areas of Fiji.
  • Freehold. Only about 8% of all land in Fiji falls under freehold. But even such division is a great advantage for non-Fiji citizens in the Pacific. Thanks to this 8%, you can become the owner of the private islands in Fiji. But keep in mind that you will need a residence or work permit to own islands with an area of more than 1 acre.

Fiji uses the Torrens titles systems. According to this system, the entry in the state real estate registry guarantees the buyer an unconditional right of ownership to the real estate item and provides material guarantees from the state regarding the correct maintenance of the registry. Ownership cannot be revoked unless it was obtained by fraud.

So, the Fijian law ensures the protection of foreign buyers. However, you will definitely need reliable legal support and, if possible, the services of a real estate agent. If you invest in real estate in Fiji through an agent, make sure they are registered with the Estate Agents Licensing Board, which is the only statutory body in Fiji that approves real estate agents and sellers for real estate transactions.

Fijian island for sale in 2023

Vatuvara Private Islands offer a luxurious and conscientious experience in the Northern Lau Group of Fiji, described as one of the world’s most beautiful places.

There are more private islands on the market these days:

  • Exile Island — Fiji, South Pacific, short boat ride from the town of Labasa — 15.00 Acres — Price Upon Request
  • Tavewa Island Property — Fiji, South Pacific, Yasawa Islands, Fiji — 5.00 Acres — Price Upon Request
  • Nabakabaka Lailai Island — Fiji , South Pacific, Set off the coast of Vanua Levu, Fiji —  7.00 Acres — Price Upon Request
  • Niubavu, Qamea Island — Fiji , South Pacific — 224.60 Acres — USD 1,600,000.00
  • Tilagica Island — Fiji, Vanua Levu, Fiji, South Pacific — 53.00 Acres — USD 1,700,000.00
  • Namuka Island — Fiji , South Pacific, South of Viti Levu, 5 nautical miles west of Suva  — 26.00 Acres — FJD 3,900,000
  • Tivi Island — Fiji, South Pacific, Vanua Levu — 150.00 Acres — Upon Request

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Fiji private island

Islands for Sale in Fiji on Find Islands Website

Within the Fiji archipelago, there are beautiful islands for a quiet life and a successful business. And you can become the owner of the island now. On the Find Islands website, you can find islands from direct owners or trusted agents. If you want to place your island in our catalog, register on the website or fill out the form. If you have any wishes about the website functionality or other comments, please write to us.

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