Is Mako island real? Uncovering the Mystery of the Island

Is Mako island real? Uncovering the Mystery of the Island

Are you one of those people who watched the hit Australian show H2O: Just Add Water and were left wondering if Mako Island was real? If so, you’re in luck! Find Islands is here to uncover the truth behind the Island and answer the age-old question: Is Mako Island a real place?

The show H2O: Just Add Water was an instant hit when it aired in 2006, and it centred around three teenage girls who discover that they’re mermaids after visiting Mako Island. Ever since then, viewers have been wondering if the Island was a real place, and Find Islands has the answers.

It turns out that the Island is indeed a real place, located near the coast of New South Wales, Australia. As the island is made entirely of jagged rocks and lacks a beach, it’s not the most inviting of places to visit. But the island is home to an abundance of marine life, including seals and dolphins, which can be seen swimming around the island.

The island also has a mysterious past. In the show, it’s said to be an ancient mermaid’s home, and in real life, there are stories of sightings of sea creatures in the area, including mermaids. Whatever the truth is, it’s clear that the Island holds a special place in the hearts of many who watched the show.

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For those looking for an adventurous getaway, the Island is the perfect place to explore. Although it’s not the most welcoming of places, it’s still a great spot for diving, kayaking, and swimming, not to mention the majestic views of the ocean.

Mako island location

The island appears in both the H2O: Just Add Water and Mako Mermaids TV series, is located roughly 50 km away from the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

So if you’re looking for an answer to the question “Is Mako Island real?” the answer is yes. It`s a real place located in Australia, and it’s the perfect place for adventure seekers to explore. So grab your swimming gear and head to Mako Island – you won’t regret it!


Where actually is Mako Island?

The Mako Islands are part of H2O: Just Addwater and their spinoff Mako: Islands of Secrets. It is situated approximately 50 km north of Queensland Queensland. In Mako, there is the largest population of Mako shark and sea turtle species which can not be seen on any other planet.

Is Mako Island Pool real?

Mako Island is an island in the popular TV series “H2o: Just Add Water” and ” Mako Mermaids: It is situated 50km from the Gold Coast. Mako Island was formed after an asteroid crashed into Earth. A fragment formed near Ireland (Eire) from the Sea Cave of Ireland.

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