Celebrities Who Own Private Islands and What We Can Learn From Them 

Celebrities Who Own Private Islands and What We Can Learn From Them 

When we talk about celebs, we consider them to be maintaining a certain status which includes parties, luxury lifestyle, craze actions to attract the attention of the audience, and of course, richness. Owning a private island is quite a casual thing among celebrities. Thus, let’s consider which private islands are the most beautiful among celebs, and which of them can teach us how to manage their property flawlessly. We can bet that you will be surprised with the facts listed below.

The first thing to consider is why celebs prefer to invest their money in island properties. It seems they can purchase almost everything – the best hotels and resorts, muscle cars and jewelry are also good for investments. Yet, the secret is simple. A private island is a place which embodies safety, loneliness, ability to stay apart from people and hide the private life from annoying paps. 

Celebrities Who Own Private Islands

Owning a private island is an opportunity for famous people to spend vacations confidentially. Besides, often their private islands become spots for some significant events they want to hold in privacy. For example, Johnny Depp and his odious ex Amber Heard tied the knot on his private island and held the ceremony there with their close friends. 

Yet, besides maintaining privacy, the rule money makes money also works when talking about celebs owning private islands. And we are going to show you that in some detail.

Top-5 Private Island Owners Among Celebs

Here is the list of the most popular celebs owning private islands. Be sure that the total list of men and women of fame enjoying private islands as their properties is a hundred times wider, so we selected the most interesting cases among them.

Johnny Depp

We mentioned this A-tier star before. So, after spending lots of time in the Caribs filming the franchise ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, Johnny Depp was so fascinated with the beauty of local islands that purchased one of them – Little Halls Pond Cay in the Bahamas for $3.6 million. The island is closed to visitors, and the only connection with the rest of the world is a small marina built to host Depp’s yacht.

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One more celeb who appreciated the Bahamas is Shakira. In 2011, she collaborated with two co-stars Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) and Alejandro Sanz (a Spanish singer) and bought a 700-acre picturesque island, Bonds Cay.

Pamela Anderson

World-known hot blondie is not an iron lady in business. Yet, she also owns a private island. It was a gift from her ex, Tommy Lee. While other men try to win their heartthrobs back, presenting them with jewelry and flowers, Tommy Lee was generous enough to buy an island near the coast of Dubai.

Mel Gibson

Mr. Gibson is famous both for his incredible acting performance and his extraordinary behavior. So you shall not be surprised to know that Mel Gibson owns an island in the Philippines. Despite the actor spending most of his life in the US, the Mago Island previously owned by one of the Japanese corporations is his place of power. 

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Eddy Murphy

Eddy Murphy is not only a great actor but a successful businessman. And buying a private island is not a new thing for him. Long before it became trendy, he bought the Pearl Cay Island in the Bahamas. After selling it profitably in 2007, Murphy selected another unspoiled nature gem in the Bahamas, the Rooster Cay, and purchased it for $15 million. 

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The Brightest Examples of How to Manage a Private Island Being a Celebrity

Yet, buying a private island is just a part of a deal. What to do with it then? Some of the heroes of this article can show even experienced businessmen how to manage a private island with ease.

  • Shakira and her companions didn’t stop purchasing Bonds Cay. They went further and developed a unique resort on the island which is of deluxe quality level, eco-friendly, carbon-neutral, and focused on the highest level of privacy.
  • Mel Gibson also manages his island tip-top. He runs his own cattle farm there, and helps locals with farming and fishing. Moreover, he takes care of the environment and develops projects for the preservation of local marine life and wildlife on the island.
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As you can see, celebs can be more than simply private island owners. Some of them succeeded in the development of their properties and for some, private islands became a quiet harbor to enjoy the privacy and loneliness. Like Harry and Meghan,for example: