Private Islands for Sale in Caribbean

Private Islands for Sale in Caribbean

Beautiful nature, comfortable climate, and economic stability are the characteristics that always attract the attention of foreign investors and tourists to the Caribbean. Some people persistently search for an opportunity to buy an island in the Caribbean for private, family, or commercial purposes. Let’s talk about islands for sale in the Caribbean: where you can buy an island in the Caribbean Sea, and how foreigners may do that.

More About the Islands

The Caribbean consists of three groups of islands – the Greater Antilles, the Lesser Antilles, and the Bahamas. The Greater Antilles include Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The Lesser Antilles are a group of fifty islands and include Antigua and Barbuda, the US Virgin Islands, and the British Virgin Islands. The Lesser Antilles also include Saint-Barthelemy, Anguilla, Saint Martin, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Montserrat, Guadeloupe, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Aruba, Grenada and others.

When travelling to a tropical paradise, one understands why these places are so attractive to tourists and real estate buyers. The islands are incredibly beautiful. The well-known snow-white beaches of the Caribbean Sea are buried in the verdure of flora. Royal and coconut palms, orange and grapefruit trees, pineapples, nut pines, carvel pines, and paradisial brazilwood with lush leaves and bright-red flowers may be found here. The exotic nature of tropical forests alternates with volcanic landscapes, and coffee plantations change by sugarcane shrubs and banana groves. 

The hotel business thrives in the big cities on the islands. Furthermore, all kinds of entertainment – water sports, nightclubs and parties, restaurants with local cuisine, hiking and sightseeing enjoy great popularity. Private islands in the Caribbean also have good potential for recreational business.

Islands for Sale in the Caribbean

Caribbean Private Islands for Sale

Caribbean Plate territory currently includes about 700 islands due to its volcanic past. Most such offers can be found in the following regions regarding the private islands.

Bahamas islands for sale

A really large number of private islands are offered for sale here. Most of them are available in freehold conditions. Moreover, the government facilitates foreign investments, so you can relatively easily buy the island and receive assistance in obtaining citizenship if required.

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British Virgin Islands

This region also includes many private freehold islands available for purchase. There are also many remote real estate and beach houses. To buy real estate, foreigners should obtain a Non-Belongers Land Holding License.

US Virgin Islands

The private islands in this region have excellent investment potential. The foreigners can buy the island under the same conditions as residents. The only difference is in the taxation of foreign buyers (10 % of the real estate price for individuals and 11 % for legal entities).

The Bermuda Islands

The real estate market in Bermuda currently offers exciting opportunities for residents and foreigners, however, real estate prices increased in recent years due to high demand. Currently, no private islands are offered for sale, but such offers periodically appear on the market.


You can buy a Caribbean Island near the “land of spices”. The foreign buyer usually obtains absolute ownership of real estate after receiving the land ownership license and making the necessary payments. Most of the islands offered for sale here are not developed, and only on some of them, there are buildings and communications.

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Caribbean private islands

Conditions for Purchase of Island in the Caribbean

Each island country in the Caribbean has region-specific requirements for transactions with real estate. But you can buy the island on the freehold conditions almost in all developed countries. Generally, you should obtain a permit/license for the purchase of the island. This process may also include verification of your income, penal clearance certificate, etc. Furthermore, whatever the laws of the country are, you should employ the assistance of an experienced attorney/lawyer. You may always order a selection of islands according to your needs from the local real estate broker.

South American islands for sale on Find Islands.

Although sometimes buying an island in the Caribbean takes a lot of time and effort, this purchase is worth it.