Creating Paradise: Landscaping Ideas for Your Private Island

Creating Paradise: Landscaping Ideas for Your Private Island

Being an owner of a private island is not just a bunch of duties, but also a great opportunity to embody your taste and your ideas in the landscape of your land. Today, using the tools and principles of landscape design, you can transform into paradise even the most undeveloped island. Let’s learn how to do that!

The Main Principles of Landscaping to Develop an Impeccable Paradise Design

The starting point of our article is what is actually a landscape design or landscaping in terms of a private island. The whole concept of that activity is to combine art with architectural principles and create a unique space full of beauty and comfort. In general, landscaping involves the transformation of the landscape and, the development of buildings and utilities which may create an original ensemble. When talking about a private island, landscape design helps to develop comfortable and aesthetic space for its residents and visitors.

home on island

Of course, the ideas for private property landscaping and developing commercial private island infrastructure vary greatly. But all of them should adhere to the basic principles of landscape design which are as follows.

  1. Unity is a cornerstone. All parts of the design should have repeating features and consistency to show that they are united by the whole idea.
  2. Balance is also important. On a private island, there should be a balance between natural sites and civilization features so as not to overweight the landscape with modern details and features of civilization and at once, not to miss anything important for comfort in favor of the original landscape.
  3. Harmony is essential. You should consider the nature you have on your island and add to it harmonious parts created by men. What could look weirder than a gothic-styled mansion on a tropical island? That is what you should avoid in your strive for harmony.
  4. Using lines is what makes landscaping distinguished from simple gardening or taking care of natural sites. A landscape architect creates a picture where lines are backbones of the whole concept and they help to order the design and make it comfortable for inhabitants. Lines can be used for making borders between resorts and nature reservations, in the design of a mansion, or creation of special zones on the island.
  5. Maintaining proportions is what helps to get an unforgettable picture. Consider how the size of elements of your landscape design has proper proportions. For example, you shouldn’t make your house bigger than the surrounding area so as not to break the proportions. The same is making a big park with a small hut in its center may look strange and enormous.

So, let’s take these principles as armor and consider how to reshape your private island to make it a real paradise.

Landscaping Ideas for a Private Island You Are Going to Live in

When you decide to make a private island your main residence or a vacation home, you need to think about your comfort first. Consider which buildings you need to maintain a high-quality lifestyle. Then, analyze the initial landscape to choose the best place for housing. In some cases, it may be profitable to select the highest point of the island to get spectacular views and panoramas from your windows. Yet, sometimes, placing your main house near the water is also profitable.

design of the house

In any case, when you decide to build a home on an island, you should consider it should be the core of the whole design. And its location should meet your requirements, your comfort, and your safety.

Besides building the home, what can be added to the landscape of your private island?

  • Creating a lounge zone is a good idea. If it is a tropical island with sandy shores, you can develop a private beach zone for you and your kin.
  • Barbecue zone is also a good idea. You can create an outdoor kitchen to relax outdoors in the warm season and use a casual indoor kitchen when needed.
  • Alleys or parks are also good for private island design. But you shouldn’t make the whole island a park. Leave at least a bit of natural beauty on it!
  • Marina is what you need the most. A comfortable place to moor a boat is about your convenience.
lounge zone on island

As for ideas of landscape design, for private property, it can be focused on three approaches:

  • Total symmetry and centrifugation – then you should make your house the center of the composition and place other zones in symmetry around it.
  • Just symmetry – then you can create two similar zones, for example, with two mansions and two marinas and beaches located symmetrically.
  • Asymmetric design is more eye-catching. Then you should take any asymmetric figure to be the basis, and use the principle of repeating to maintain balance and harmony. For example, you can create asymmetric landscaping using the golden mean principle. Then, your estate will look like an exquisite nutshell from above.

Landscaping Ideas for an Island to Make It a Tourist Hotspot

As for commercial island property landscaping, its principles differ a bit due to another main goal that you have. You need to maintain the following principles:

  • Consider how many guests you will accommodate.
  • Decide on the whole style of the resort. Will it be a classy tropical resort with palms, beach hammocks, and ethnic details? Or maybe you want to create 5-star accommodation in the style of Portofino and Santorini? That’s what will be your starting point.
  • Develop the road infrastructure. You may need to make the best sites on the island to be accessible for visitors. Thus, making roads and trails can be the implementation of the principle of using lines. They will be the lines!
  • Create zones for various activities. Beach zones, resort zones, observation decks, zones for great photos – that’s what tourists love!

As for design features, the bestselling ideas refer to authentic cultures of local people, classy Hawaii and tropical island designs, and eco-friendly glamping style with elements of comfort integrated into the natural landscape. That’s what can attract customers to you.

island for tourists

Nature Preservation and Protection: How to Maintain the Balance of Development and Untouched Nature

The last thing we are going to focus on is the preservation of nature. Even the most profitable landscaping project is vicious if it destroys natural reservations. Thus, it is better to collaborate with professional landscape designers and local nature protection organizations to create a project of development which will be comfortable both for you and local biodiversity.

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