Maldives Beaches: Top 10 Destinations for Perfect Vacation

Maldives Beaches: Top 10 Destinations for Perfect Vacation

The Maldives beaches offer exceptional sceneries, sparkly and glossy seas, and hundreds of miles of extensive, spiffy shores. But while everything on this low-lying island seems fascinating, nothing comes close to the Maldives glowing beach. This miracle of nature and a scientific occurrence is usually a result of phytoplankton bioluminescence. It’s something out of the ordinary. It’s an ideal spot to peak your vacation fun and a picture-perfect destination you hardly want to miss out on.

This article delves into the top Maldives beach destinations to make your vacations worth reminiscing.

Hulhumale Beach

The Hulhumale beach offers the perfect ushering into the Maldives with its exceptional stretch of palms and white sandy beaches. It’s one of the Maldives beaches serving as a transit area for visitors. Also, it`s the most sought-after by tourists who find merry in basking in the sun unwind with sips of juice. The waters are usually glossy and crystal clear. It’s an ideal spot for visitors who love serene and less flooded beaches. Keep in mind that this beach doesn’t allow bikinis since people around are mainly Islamic. But, you can show off a bit of skin as long as you don’t offend the moral laws of the area.

Cocoa Island Beaches

Whether on a honeymoon or a family fun vacation, you don’t want to miss out on the Cocoa Island Beaches. The beach is continuously clean and sparkly. The long stretches of sandy beaches will make your vacations hard not to reminisce on. The area has a few hiking spots to let you enjoy nature while walking through the trails. This vacation destination has tons of fun for you. It includes shallow coral reefs and tide pools to snorkel and profound water depths for scuba diving. It’s a great place to relax since you can forget about work and unwind in the peaceful surroundings.

Cocoa Island Beach
Cocoa Island Beach

Veligandu Island Beaches

Veligandu Island’s beaches aren’t as extensive or luxurious as those on other Maldives islands. However, this short 600-meter stretch offers plenty of fun for beach lovers. It’s one of the healthiest marine ecosystems teeming with life. And it`s all thanks to the wide variety of tropical fish, turtles, and reed sharks. Besides, the many villas and hotels in the area will surely mesmerize you. The night bars along the beach will give you the liberty to drink to your fill. Just before dawn, be sure to swim with the timid reef sharks and dolphins in the shallow seas to create memories.

Bodu Moria Beach

The crystal clear and turquoise blue waters of the Bodu Moria beach are all you need to make your vacation bliss. This picturesque vacation spot is only marginally more than an hour from the Male airport and sits on the Vaavu Atoll. It’s an ideal snorkelling destination with tones of colourful reefs to get a swim with diverse tropical fish, including mild sharks and dolphins. The beach is uncrowded and has numerous beach bars, boats to venture into the oceanic blue, and many watersport activities.

Bodu Moria Beach, Maldives
Bodu Moria Beach

Rasfanu Beach

As one of the artificial beaches of the Maldives, the Rasfanu beach is nothing short of wonder and fun and will surely make your vacation worthwhile. However, you can find this beach fun if you don’t mind the stringent religious laws of the land. The beach requires that you dress decently since the locals are ardent Islamists, so if you want a full-body tan, other nearby beaches can be much better. Nevertheless, the Rasfannu beach is among the many that are always bursting with life and will give you the best reels of experience to smile while thinking over.

Filhahohi Island Beaches

The shallow, crystal clear waters of the Filhahohi beach make this vacation destination one of the most sought-after in the Maldives. The Filhahohi hotel is a work of art with several bungalows patched above the waters. So, how about donning your swimming attire and jumping into the waters from your bungalow window? The best part is that the reefs around the beach are shark-safe, and you can snorkel while enjoying the underwater scenes.

Snorkelling Maldives

Ukulhas Island

The beaches of Ukulhas Island in the Alif Alif Atoll are not only scenic and beautiful but also very well maintained. With a kilometre stretch of sandy beaches, you can find peace and quiet in one of the pristine resorts in the area during your visit. You could stay in a resort, or you could set up camp on the beach. The choice is yours, as every view will take your breath away. This Maldives holiday destination is one you should add to your bucket list.

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Dhigura Beach

Looking for a beach that’s better than the rest? Dhigura Beach is one of the most unspoiled locations in the Maldives. A massive sapphire-coloured lagoon stretches for several meters, giving you a nature walk at low tide. Snorkel in the waters and dance with the manta rays and sharks with trained professionals in the area, or kayak over the corals and enjoy the beauty of the view through clear waters. This vacation destination is one of our best picks!

maldives glowing beach

Landaa Giraavaru

If you love scuba diving and snorkelling, you are going to fall in love with Landaa Giraavaru. There are several deluxe resorts on the beach, including Four Seasons and Nautilus Maldives. Breathe in the salty sea air, dive into the deep blue water and swim with sharks and manta rays. The idyllic shores have powder-soft sands and crystal clear waters to wade in. You can also swim under the sun — just make sure it’s safe before you dive into unknown waters! If you’re a sunbathing fan, you can strip as you please since the area knows no bounds with bikinis.

Hadahaa Island Beach

Hadahaa Island Beach is a pristine, secluded yet well-maintained beach in the Maldives. Located on the southern edge of the archipelago in the Maldives and about 400 kilometres from Male, it’s an impeccable destination with clean turquoise waters and a serene environment to help you unwind. You can indulge in underwater activities like snorkelling, scuba diving and free diving as you enjoy the rich diversity underneath. The paradise island of Hadahaa is a place you always want to get back to.

Hadahaa Island Beach


If you are up for an adventure, the Maldives should be your destination. The Maldives is guaranteed to give you an adventure of a lifetime. The beautiful beaches enlivened with their deep blue waters, sandy shores and stunning surroundings take one on a journey through some of the most serene locations in the world. The crystal clear water and sprawling sand beaches will draw you in making this a once-in-a-lifetime trip to remember.