Piyali Island. A full guide for tourists in India

Piyali Island. A full guide for tourists in India

Located in the Bay of Bengal, India, Piyali Island is one of the most popular holiday spots. However, many still have no idea where it is located. It’s a beautiful place everyone must visit at least once in their lifetime. The beauty of this island and its luring first impression has transformed such an astounding destination into one of the best in India and Bangladesh.

Piyali island location

Piyali Island is located in the Andaman Sea, about 90 km to the southwest of Port Blair. It is a small island with an area of 3.4 square kilometres and a population of about 400 people. The island has a sandy beach, which is surrounded by mangrove forests.  

How to Reach Piyali island.

The island is located on the southern tip of the Bay of Bengal. If you are coming from Chennai or Mumbai, there is a direct flight to Kolkata that takes about 3 hours. From there you can take a train or plane to reach Piyali. The closest railway station is Kharagpur, which is around half an hour from Piyali by road. There are trains from Kolkata to Kharagpur every day. From Ghatshila, it takes about 5 hours by train to reach Kolkata and about 7 hours by train to reach Kharagpur. You can also travel by bus from Ghatshila to reach Kolkata in around 6 hours and Kharagpur in around 8 hours.

If you are coming from Delhi or Bangalore, then it will take around 12 hours by train to reach Kolkata and another 10 hours by train to reach Kharagpur. It also takes around 18 hours by train from Delhi or Bangalore to reach Varanasi and then another 3-4 hours by road from Varanasi

Piyali Island is located in the middle of Piyali Lake, which is located in the town of Piyali. The town itself is small but has many attractions and things to see. As you approach the island, you will see a large green building on the left side of the road. This is the train station and there are buses that go from here to Piyali Island and back again every hour or so depending on traffic.

Once you arrive at Piyali Station, you can either take a bus or walk to get to Piyali Island. The walk takes about 10 minutes so if it’s not too hot out, it’s worth doing as it gives you a chance to see some of the city. There are also shops along this street if you want any last-minute souvenirs or snacks before going on your trip!

Hotels in Piyali island to stay while travelling to the island 

Piyali Island is a private island in the Sunderbans region of West Bengal state. The island is private property and only people who have been invited by the owner can visit it. However, there are some resorts nearby that offer accommodation to tourists visiting Piyali Island.

  • Piyali Island Tourist Lodge: This resort is located on the banks of the River Ganges and has rooms with balconies overlooking the river. It also has a restaurant, bar and swimming pool. 
  • The Piyali Island hotel is located on the north bank of the Meghna River and about 20 minutes away from the ferry terminal. It offers modern rooms with all amenities including air conditioning and satellite TV at very reasonable prices.
  • Sunderbans Jungle Lodge: This resort is located within the Sunderbans National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary. It offers accommodation in tents or cottages as well as other facilities such as dining options, swimming pool, spa etc.

Best Time to Visit the island

The weather on this island near Kolkata is hot and humid all around the year. The best time to visit Piyali Island is from October to February. The weather during this period is pleasant and sunny.

The climate of Piyali Island is tropical. It experiences two seasons: summer and winter. The summers are hot, humid and rainy while the winters are mild, dry, and sunny. 

The average temperature during the day in summer ranges between 31-38 degree Celsius, whereas it drops down to 19-25 degrees Celsius in the winter months. If you are planning to visit Piyali Island during this time then make sure that you carry your sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, caps and water bottles. You will also need a pair of hiking shoes or sandals that can help you walk easily through the rocky terrain.

The monsoon season starts in June and lasts till September when heavy rainfall occurs almost every day giving rise to frequent waterlogging on the streets of Piyali Island.

So, Piyali is a beautiful tourist spot for those who love the sea beaches. It has the potential to attract many tourists from the mainland. The place is ideal for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the beautiful environment around them. The place is perfect throughout the year as it will never disappoint anyone whenever they visit.

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