Top 5 islands where to spend Christmas

Top 5 islands where to spend Christmas

Christmastime is a very special period, and lots of people wait for it with childish encouragement. It’s time for family vacations and great parties with friends. Yet, don’t you get bored with a classy sitting-at-home Christmas? Let’s change the game and go for vacations somewhere on an island! We offer you our top destinations around the world to plan incredible and unforgettable Christmas trips.

What to Expect from Christmas Celebration on an Island

The first thing to consider is what you expect from this Christmas celebration. Whom would you like to spend this day and eve with? What is your dream about Christmas?

These are the core questions to formulate the best destination for you.

  • If you are tired of cold and nasty weather, tropical island vacations for Christmas are a breath of fresh air for you.
  • Do you prefer luxury celebrations in high-class restaurants with impressive shows and deluxe champagne? Then, it is worth considering one of Miami’s neighboring islands to plan your trip to.
  • Vacations with children are always challenging to plan. Yet, if you select one of the islands belonging to Disney or one of the most popular Caribbean island resorts, it can be a fascinating experience for every one of you.
  • Probably, you want to try something new? Then, visiting one of the European islands can provide you with an unexpected but truly memorable Christmas celebration.

Besides, do not forget to consider what the season is today on a chosen island. It’s not a surprise that in the Southern Hemisphere, it is the peak of summer when America and Europe celebrate winter holidays. So, not to be disappointed, better check the weather forecast in advance.

5 Ideas Where to Go for Christmas Vacation Among Island Destinations

Yet, it’s time to stop theorizing. Let’s check the best destinations for your Christmas 2023 on an island.

Havelock, Andaman Islands – the Best Escape Place for Christmas

If you are tired of regular Christmas routines including numerous postcards signing and receiving stupid Christmas pics via messengers, let’s escape from winter to a real summer-all-year-long paradise – the Island of Havelock, aka Swaraj Dweep in the Indian Ocean. It belongs to India, and it’s a part of the Andaman archipelago.

This island brings you the basics. Here you can walk barefoot and watch swimming elephants. It offers the best beach vacations in the area at Christmastime, and here you can get detoxed from the digital world. Even the GSM is barely available on the island. Instead, you can get an unforgettable experience of watching spectacular waterfalls, swimming in warm azure waters, and exploring unique talcum powder bays. Getting there is easy as there is boat transportation from Port Blair, the biggest city of the Andaman.

Andaman islands
Illustrative photo

Welcome to the Cradle of Greek Christmas Celebrations – Syros

We cannot say that Syros is among the most popular destinations in Greece, yet, it is the most spiritual one. On Syros, you can dive into the ancient culture of Greece, enjoy its authentic Christmas traditions and hostility, and by the way, Christmas celebrations last from the 24th of December to the 6th of January. What a perfect idea for fortnight vacations! What to do on Syros? Book tickets to local opera to enjoy impressive Christmas performances. Try various types of Greek Christmas pie, Vasilopita, in multiple tavernas around the island. Take part in feasts and fairs held by locals to downpour authentic culture and traditions.

Syros island
Syros island

It’s one of the most festive and jovial places to spend your Christmas holidays.

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Canadian Prince Edward Island – A Winter Fairy Tale

It is not obligatory to spend your Christmas somewhere in a warm country. Moreover, if you are an appreciator of a classy snowy Christmas with packing presents, decorating a Christmas tree and wearing oddly reindeer sweaters, a visit to Prince Edward Island in Canada. This island is located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and it is one of three Maritime provinces of Canada. This direction is famous for its spectacular winter feasts, numerous winter sports activities, and local Christmas celebrations.

Canadian Prince Edward Island
Illustrative photo

Besides, do not miss a chance to visit PEI’s fabulous beaches covered with red sands to meet the sunrise and try your hand at fishing. Consider that PEI is a center of oyster production and thus, you can make them an incredible (and cheap) addition to your Christmas champagne.

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Plan Your Christmas at Montego Bay in Jamaica

Do you know that Christmas is the best time to visit Jamaica? It’s the perfect period between the monsoon season and winter, when the climate is the best for outdoor celebrations. Enjoy its fabulous light decorations and an unbelievable Grand Market. Besides, it’s a perfect place to get acquainted with local Rasta traditions and enjoy creole and Cajun cuisine with its rich spices and tastes. What could be better for Christmas Eve? Nothing, we can say.

Montego Bay in Jamaica

Returning to the Tropics: Let’s Visit Christmas Island!

It’s not a joke! Christmas Island is a remote gem in the Indian Ocean which provides you with paradise-like sites and multiple beach activities all year round. Despite its secluded location, you can get there from Australia with ease. The island fascinates with its untouched nature, sandy beaches, incredible free diving, scuba diving, and snorkeling opportunities, and with its small but unique local community as well. It can bring you an unforgettable Christmas experience in a friendly, warm, and tropical atmosphere.

Christmas Island
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Despite there is still some time until Christmas, we advise you not to lose a moment and to plan your vacations on the island in advance. And it is relevant for all destinations and islands we mentioned. We hope that this article will inspire you to plan the greatest Christmas trips ever.

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